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Life is not a box of chocolate, usually in a box of chocolate we are expecting a variety of taste, flavors and sweetness.

I don't usually receive what I expect. So these days I am expecting everything from anyone at any time..I added my e-books and covers to my introductory blog..for more substance and readers.

I have been online for years, new at self-publishing, doing everything myself and hoping someone (a traditional publisher will at least glance my way). My writing is inspired by things, people and nature, I have been writing poems, verses and stories since I was a kid, as I can remember at age 5. or so...I also remember reciting a poem as early as age 3 in front of a congregation. Those were the good years.

I grew up and need to make life worthwhile and greater; don't we all need to do that, make life better and greater...until we meet again...Happy Writing....Please let me have a review or two and I look forward to hearing from everyone who has something to say. Bye.

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