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"Oh crap",I said. It was already bad enough that I got detention,but now I'm going to be late for softball practice."Miss.Lynder! If you say anything else I will give you 3 weeks of detention!",Mrs.Russel said.Man! If it wasn't for her and Shaylee Childress. That Shaylee has always been jealous of me. Just because I went on that diet. I'm skinnier than her. Even my sister dosen't like her sister. Shaylee tells people that I gag myself to be skinny. Like are you freaking kidden me! I worked hard to be skinny something she should try! Well anyway she told the teacher that I was talking about answers on the test. The teachers believe her because she's teachers pet. She always has good grades in she's a little goody 2 shoes. 5 more minutes till I'm out of this h*** .
5 more minutes later.........
Finally I'm out of here maybe I can make it just in time for softball practice. I got there,but I was too late. I ran home before my coach could see me. When I got home there was police everywhere. I ran to the front door and kinda hood myself. I didn't wan't the cops seeing me. I opened the door and there it was.

Wanna see the next chapter? Go ahead and tell me that you want to. When I get at least five comments saying write more I will finish the next chapter.

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