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Just a reminder there is only ten days left in this contest!

Hi, I would like to extend an invitation to you and anyone that you feel would like to enter the contest we are having: The Trestle Press Summer Search. What are we searching for and why? We feel you may be the next Stephen King, Lee Child, David Morrell, James Patterson, Janet Evanovich, Irene Hannon, Nora Roberts, or Suzanne Woods Fisher. We would like to find you, have you as a client and help make you a successful novelist/digital short story author/graphic novelist/non-fiction writer.

The criterion for the contest is very simple and straight forward. We would like to have short stories submitted with a word count between 2,000 and 5,000 words, The stories must be in a Word.doc or pdf format and stay genre specific. The genre’s we are looking for are: mystery, thriller, paranormal, romance, sci-fi, inspirational, YA, and detective. Non-Fiction is wide open; go to it have a nice time.

What is the prize you ask, well we should say prizes:

-the short story will be published as a digital short on as many different distributions platforms as possible: Kindle, Kobo, AppleiBookstore, Sony, Diesel, Barnes & Nobles Nook, Stanza,  Aldiko, Word Player and a large number of websites throughout the world on every continent.

-Cover art to be created, editing and proofreading done by Trestle Press and approved by the winners.

-Publishing contract with Trestle Press.

-One hour author segments on Gelati’s Scoop The GZONE blogtalk radio show. We like our authors to be on the show at least once a quarter if not more.

-Review of the story posted on Gelati’s Scoop blogspot as well as Amazon, Twitter, Goodreads, Shelfari, Linkedin, The Novel Spot, and a number of other websites. Giovanni Gelati is a good friend of Trestle Press and he and his network of bloggers and readers will be reviewing and rating the stories on these websites

-Your own discussion group on The Novel Spot.

-This is NOT a prize but we will give you a TRACKING NUMBER with each submission. We want you to feel assured that your hard, heartfelt work is not going to get misplaced, but read and enjoyed. Anything submitted via the mail will receive an email confirming we received it.

Interested? We hope so. The closing date for submissions is June 1st. Winners will be announced starting June 15th. All submissions will receive a personal response from us. To find us you can go to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Smashwords, Amazon…Flashy websites are not our thing; we are all about being a progressive, passionate, innovative, and very personal publisher. We have set up a new website; it is brand new and is a work in progress, so be kind and gentle.

Here is the address . It may not even have been optimized in the search engines yet. The success of our authors, our personal relationships with them, and being the bridge between our authors and their readers is what is of vital importance to us. We are totally committed and determined to exceed our authors’ and readers’ expectations on a daily basis. Again, the deadline for submission is June 1, 2011. We look forward to receiving your hard work.

Feel free to send us your submissions in the following ways:

Via email-  or mail it to us @

Trestle Press

922 South Woodbourne Road

Suite 153

Levittown, Pa. 19057-1001

Or contact The G-Man Giovanni Gelati @




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