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By not celebrating Christmas would send this economy into a tail spin.  Everybody would be affected- from Taxi cab drivers to baby sitters, airlines, hotels, gas stations, etc.  I cannot think of any industry that would not be affected.  Even China would suffer. Just think if all the Christians just decided to not buy gifts, cards, or candy at Christmas.  I bet a lot of Jewish retailers would convert to Christianity.  Everybody would be once again proclaiming Merry Christmas again.  Large banners who hang from all the roof tops of retailers to lure the Christians back to buying gifts, cards, and candy. Hey, it happened last year.  Did anyone notice that since the economy was slow many retailers brought back the slogan Merry Christmas in attempts to lure the Christian shopper into buying from them? They used Christ as a marketing tool. 

Take a moment and ask yourself this and ask others, “What job, industry, occupation would not be affected if we stopped celebrating Christmas?”

Today, the sad thing is many use Christ as a marketing tool. Let’s make money off of Jesus.

What is even worse the kids are now becoming to know more about Santa Claus than Jesus Christ. All that come to most of their minds is toys and lots of them.  And being as loving parents we all seem to be we are out there before daybreak fighting, shoving, and pushing our way into stores or jamming up the internet on Black Friday and then comes Easter.

 What Would Jesus Do is a prime example of using Jesus to make money.  The intention was good, but the profits were better.  Many T-shirts, caps, and trinkets were sold bearing the initials WWJD.  Many a TV evangelist or so called Miracle Workers would go to the waste side if many Christians failed to donate-  Remember, you cannot buy anything from God. If there were more profits to be made profits in speaking about Satan new shows of Devil worshippers would soon compete with our religious shows and telecasts of today.

Oh wow, What a friend and profit we have in Jesus.

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Comment by Aries on February 26, 2011 at 7:23pm

Heh, profit, nice pun.

I do completely agree. Christmas is just a commercial jackpot nowadays. I could count on one hand the amount of people that know about St. Nicholas. Not Santa, the man who inspired the Legend of Santa Claus, the man who threw bags of gold down the chimneys of starving families. It's ironic that the day set aside to celebrate Jesus is so incredibly un-christlike to most people.

Even though I'm not a religious person, I still say Merry Christmas and pass out religious-themed cards to friends and family that are religious. You get celebrating a holiday and outright ignoring what it's about.


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