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                                      Written By: R. F. Husnik



            It was another super-duper Tuesday, and of course both the writer’s friends and enemies had previously demanded his “take” on where the political situation in America was “at” just now. So, to answer them, he’d begun by penning a nonsense paragraph which had used all the candidate’s last names in jest. But after he’d read what he’d written, although he’d found it amusing, he’d needed to admit it was immature, and frankly too sarcastic.

            But then he’d remembered what he’d read and written about actions left uncommitted, and ideas left unimagined as possible endings or conclusions. And his recollection then, was that yes, time always continues onward, but the various groupings of mankind must seek out their own destinies within it. And he knew that sometimes there comes a time when those various populaces must at least try to hold on to what the past had said was theirs.

            And then, after dispensing with such thoughts, he began to ask himself the following questions:  On such an important Tuesday morning as this, what do a young (ahem!) man’s thoughts stray to? Women? No. Sex? No! Political people arguing in debates? Yes. People living legally in the United States Of America? Yes. People living illegally in the United States Of America? Yes. Leaders who tell us how to live correctly? Yes - well, at least we should be thinking about them. Why walls should be built along borders? Yes. Famous murders of years gone by? No. Vicious mass murders taking place nowadays which really, if we want to find their real causes, occur because of the two culprits which, when all the supposed reasons and guesses are stripped away, always remain as what’s really behind all evil which has ever occurred on planet Earth, i.e. jealousy and self-pity? Yes. A dialogue with anyone who could truthfully tell us why we feel so troubled today? Unfortunately no.

            And these were his deductions:  Politically, it seems today as if all of us are standing alone. And America’s electorate feels alienated from the presidential candidates this year. Yes, Americans don’t trust politicians these days, and to many it appears as though those who should protect us legislatively are either pretenders at the least, or charlatans, or even would be dictators at the worst.

            But life’s always been a tough go. Still, once we believed if we did as much as we could, as

well as we could, we’d win the prize. Yet, I guess we didn’t know then that our labors, and probably one could say our very lives, weren’t all that important; what really mattered was that those who were trying to steal our birthright were taken care of.

            So, having realized this, he looked upward and said “Master, though I can’t touch you, show me my mistakes and my chances to rectify them.”

            And the force from the blueness replied “Oh, if I were to do that, I’d need to descend from eternity’s spotlight into Earth’s dim illumination.”

            And the writer said “Well, then minus the mandate of physical meeting, will you mediate my misdeeds so that my manipulations may not be misconstrued?”

            And He answered “Even with eyes closed you should still be able to see the man in the mirror. Ask him if he’s able to maneuver himself from the darkness of naivete into the brightness of difference.”

            And the word user responded “Yes, I’m sure I’ll see the man in the mirror, but will I ever see you? You are of course the Heart of the Universe, but today I’m thinking of you especially in regard to ordered and legal living. And look at me – please – please tell me I still know right from wrong, and tell me it’s still wrong to try to live where you don’t belong.”

            And in a rejoinder He said “Say no more to me. What you’ve said was said in conscious fact.

Now say to others such words as need to be said.”

            Thus, the writer turned away then. Yet, on his mind was he who is a great Christian, and who leads a great Christian faith, and who surely knows that it’s not for people to judge lest they themselves be judged. Still, he leaves his walled enclosure, crosses the water, and says we’re probably not Christians if we also would like to have a wall. And then those he’s rebuked remind us to guard ourselves against phony patriotism. And they then acknowledge that we also, though admittedly ours may have been a somewhat richer one, live but in one of many sovereign nations of planet Earth. And they say we have a way of life here. And they’d like to think that we’re living correctly – at least most of the time. Oh, and yes, they say they know about all the maniacs firing their guns at innocents. And they also know that many talkers are speaking and debating all around their nation today. But it appears to them that if anyone thinks any of those debaters have girded themselves from espousing worthless rhetoric by attempting to align themselves with either side of the political spectrum, well, then probably those hearing them had better think again.

            And now for some personal words directly from the man with pen in hand:  I know you may not wish to say it’s true, yet, in certain moments you find yourself thinking back – back to all that was, and back to all that could have been. And we lived within guidelines then – guidelines which today are being side-stepped by those who are living but for today. And, as youngsters then, we were taught to respect the rights and properties of other people and other nations. But of course those days are gone now, and today instead of attempting to succeed were fate really wanted us to, we feel we have to sneak off and hide ourselves in what was once someone else’s nation, but now has become a drop off zone.

            Nonetheless, mankind survives. But who can deny that the days of innocence are no more?

            Still, if they say my words are false, I’ll say I was only borrowing or re-interpreting. And I’ll tell them they don’t as of yet know me, because unlike me, they either can’t or won’t live under personal precepts or, as it’s sometimes said in more anti-establishment prose – under the ground.

            But we believe this is the year of non-establishment political candidates. And each major American political party has at least one competing in his respective party’s primary elections. And here’s a worthy word of advice concerning this:  Should either party, at that party’s nominating convention, attempt to wrest its party’s nomination from that candidate whom voters have legally chosen as their choice to represent that party in the November presidential election, then as voters we should view such an action as a deception of the electorate, and react accordingly. In other words, this time around Americans shouldn’t allow powerfully entrenched political forces, which for so long have in effect “run” their nation, to continue to do so.

            And this year in both the primary and presidential elections Americans have great chances to reclaim control of their government. But, they need to stand tall against the power brokers. And if they’ll do so, then no matter which party wins the November election, the real winner will be the American people.

            But how could we say and believe what’s just been said in the last sentence? Do political parties matter anymore? Aren’t there still differences between liberals and conservatives; and of course between both of those two political viewpoints and the tenets held by proponents of the far left and far right? Yes and yes to the two previous questions. However, remember this, nowadays America seems to have what let’s term a “power elite” comprised of mostly very wealthy people and legislators from both of America’s two main political parties. And these people believe that they alone know what’s best for America and Americans. And, because these people have such high regard for themselves, they’re often able to set aside political differences and work together to maintain their respective “places in the sun.”           

            Thus, this time around let’s thwart them. And let’s claim some political clout for ourselves. And as far as the powerful elite is concerned; they’ll carry on. And the only difference will be that they’ll be less powerful, but they’ll still have plenty of money.

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