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Hello, im new to this experience but i hope that you can lend me your time to read and decide upon what i am about to present. Since i was very little my parents always believed i would reach near impossoble goals or change lives but being only 13 i cannot say i expect such an outcome from this idea. Being the avid reader that i am i recently read The Help by Kathryn Stockett, which i highly recommend to any and all readers, when the idea of morphing this moral struck me. How come people find such interest in seeing the cruelty of the older generations but no one craves to focus on today's youth? I have this idea to create a book from first hand experience on the things that come and go through a child's eyes. It does come strongly from the fact that i just recently moved schools and now go to a school where kids are so constantly bullied the teachers literally build schedules around it. I have been documenting everything i can watch. I plan to turn it into a story, one that has never been told, i know that you may think there are many books overthrowing the middle school experience. Either by creating a silly love story or making teachers monsters and all bullies wear shirts with ripped off sleaves. Even if it is a bit more liget how can a 40 year old adult possibly create the accurate feelings into something that happened to long ago. It will be nothing but the truth and with the disgusting behavior i have seen that will be hard to convince. Please give me your thoughts, i need support. Thank you.



-Savvy Bange

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