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The docking station gets its power from DisplayLink DL-3900 chipset and is able to manage audio output, Gigabit Ethernet Functions, and dual graphics. The function integration leads to a single chipset which means very few internal components need to be connected together and that leads to increased overall reliability and compatibility. From the updates of the Windows, you will the drivers are installed automatically on detecting the presence of internet connection as soon as the docking station is connected. You will also get a driver CD that comes along the package in the box.

You can mirror or even extend your Windows desktop with a monitor that is connected to Liztek Universal Docking Station. With the technology of DisplayLink, central processor of the computer and its graphics handles the processing part of the graphics. The drivers of DisplayLink compress and transmit the pixels to the DL-3900 chipset and further resulting in decoding the data and displaying it.

The Liztek Universal Docking Station is primarily used in conjunction with the other Plugables and the USB graphics adapter to add extra monitors. It should be kept in mind that the graphics adapters will not be powered by the DisplayLink Technology and will not be used on the computer at the same time with the Liztek lapdock. Non-DisplayLink USB grahics adapters’ drivers need to be uninstalled from the PC.

The internal components of USB 3.0 and the two extra ports will be managed by the chipset VIA VL811 while the USB controller 2.0 for the four USB ports 3.0 uses the Terminus technology. The devices of USB 3.0 will be connected to USB ports 3.0 for the best functionality. But the 2.0/1.1 USB devices will not be connected to any of the six USB ports.

Speed and Power
You will get the best performance when connecting the Liztek docking station to USB 3.0 on a personal computer. It allows the rate of data transfer at a super speed of up to 5 Gbps between the 3.0 USB docks ports and components and the computer. You will be able to play on 1080p a full-motion video when it is attached to the video ports of the docks. One other feature this Universal Docking Station provides is the Gigabit Ethernet network access using the network adapter of the dock without any bottleneck. You will be able to get access to files and open them in a matter of seconds on the external drives. These external drives are connected to the USB 3.0 ports of the docking station. The product can also be connected to the USB 2.0 port of the computer. This is possible by the connection of docking station and the computer.

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