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For anyone who's interested, I thought I'd give you a brief look at what I'm planning on tackling next. I've yet to come up with a name for the Story, but I've developed three of the four Protagonists and the main Antagonist. I'm not going to give you any names, but I will give you the basic story-line that I've came up with so far. Nothing I have is set in stone yet and may or may not be changed before I start working on it.

NATL (North American Tech Labs) was secretly behind the 3rd World War, using it to annihilate the World Leaders, giving themselves power and control over what remained of Earth. After the War almost destroyed the entire planet, NATL quickly rebuilt what was left of New York City and renamed it General City. The people working at the NATL Laboratories were kept in the darkness about what was going on in the "Core". The "Core" was said to have been built to help keep what was left of the Earth intact, but it was really something more than that. At the centre of the "Core", NATL has kept a gateway to another reality, one that hasn't been scarred by the 3rd World War, yet. Using this gateway, NATL smuggled missiles into their reality which they used against what remained of the Terrorists and Government across the globe. Leaders of other Countries who supported NATL through the War were the first to decide they wanted in on the alternate reality that had been discovered. Key, who was always thinking of money and power, agreed to send them there at a ridiculously high cost, and once they were there, they couldn't return. Keeping the remainder of Humanity in the darkness, Key slowly removed the competition to become ruler of Earth. No one would try to overthrow him, because to them, he was the saviour of Humanity.

I was originally hoping to write it in first person and maybe alter the narrator every now and then between the four Protagonists, but apparently my friend, Gohtron, who I'm currently working a compilation with wants to work on this one with me as well, which is leading me to look at it in third person instead. I've also made very good use of yWriter for this project, making complete outlines of the Characters and Locations that they visit and events/dialogue that I have set in stone. I've gotten slightly bored of Vampires and other Mythical Creatures and thought that I'd make a pure Science Fiction where anything I want can happen, so I'm letting my imagination run wild with no consequences on this one.

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