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April) What gives you ideas for your novels?

DJ Shaw) Truthfully I have found inspiration everywhere. Driving down the street, see a billboard, Oh I can do something really wicked with that.” That kind of thing lol

April) That’s pretty cool, it means the World is your inspirational playground :D So for my next question to you, I would like to know, do you find yourself laughing, crying or have any other emotions while writing your scenes that are linked with your characters emotions?

DJ Shaw) Sometimes. Mostly I get upset when my characters decide to do their own thing and it was something I hadn’t planned on, or hadn’t planned for a while down the road lol

April) *laughing* They do move things at their own pace. So moving swiftly on I would now like to know how long have you been writing for?

DJ Shaw) I have been writing since I was about ten, soooooo about 26 years or so. But if I gave you an actual date, I would be sharing my age and we know that women just don’t do that ;-)

April) *grinning* Most women don’t. I have to admit my age has never bothered me. Okay, getting off that subject, for my next question to you, what do you find helps you get into your writing zone?

DJ Shaw) Music. Well no that’s not entirely true. Background noise in general helps me zone into the piece (or pieces since I do like to work on multiple pieces at the time lol) that I’m working on. I prefer music but any background noise can work to an extent.

April) I find music works for me to, or absolute quietness. Working on multiple pieces, that’s impressive I have to admit. Okay for my next question to you, have you had any job that you find helps give you knowledge on certain aspects of writing your stories?

DJ Shaw) My being a home health aide (or caregiver) helps with some of the knowledge I need for a piece that I have been working on. At least the health aspect of that piece.

April) Yes I can see why it would. Okay now I would like to know what was the push that started you on your writing path?

DJ Shaw) My husband and foster sister actually. There was a submission call from an independent publishing company a couple of years ago and I decided to write a story for it, but when the story had been finished and it was time to submit I froze. They told me that if I didn’t send it in, they would for me. Been a pretty decent adventure ever since ;-)

April) Now that’s what I like to hear, family support and willing the boot you into your dreams :D Okay skipping onto my next question rapidly, on average how many books or novellas do you write a year?

DJ Shaw) Books? Well so far it has only been the one. Though I can get out about five or six (maybe more?) short stories/novellas in a year.

April) Wow that’s pretty cool. Now I would like to know what hobbies do you enjoy outside of your writing and do any of them give you inspiration on your stories?

DJ Shaw) Singing and dancing. Playing with my five mobsters (My kiddos; son is twelve, then I have four daughters ages, 10, 6, and 4 year old twins). I like to read a lot and try to pay attention to how some of my favorite authors have written. Not because I want to be them just because I am always trying to improve in my trade.

April) Well you’re definitely kept busy anyway. Okay for my next question, I would like to ask you, do you find it hard writing some of the scenes mainly because of being supernatural?

DJ Shaw) Not really. If I feel unsure about something, I do some in-depth research. Go online, to the library, look up anything (especially the myths or fables) that has to do with the supernatural being I am writing about.

April) Google I admit is my best friend when needing to research. Okay next I would like to know, have you started writing another book yet and if so what are you writing?

DJ Shaw) Yes. I have started on the sequel to my novel “Wiccan Lies” titled “Pagan Truths”. I’m also working on a few short stories and novellas; one that seems it might be a spin-off of my MacKenzie Spayde Chronicles series.

April) Ooooh I can’t wait to read them *huge smile* Okay so for my final question to you is what made you decide to write supernatural fiction and do you write any other types of novels.

DJ Shaw) I’ve always been in love with the supernatural and have always done research and reading into them. Some of the things I have written I have experienced (seriously don’t laugh now, there are other things out there besides us humans).
I have started working on a serial killer novel that I am hoping will span into a series. It doesn’t seem to be heading into the supernatural but you never know with me lol
I’m also working on a few children’s stories.

April) I’m a believer in the supernatural, so I won’t laugh. Sounds like your working on some wonderful projects that will keep you busy for a bit. I’ll have to keep an eye out for all of them. I would like to thank you for taking the time out to do this interview with me. And now can you please add in your list of books/novellas and links so people can find you :D

Book List:

Angela's Siren Awakening Goodreads Link: ;View Angela's Siren Awakening.jpg in slide show
Phegru's Revenge Goodreads Link: ;View Phegru's Revenge.jpg in slide show
Things in the Mirror Goodreads Link: ;View Things in the Mirror.jpg in slide show
Wiccan Lies Goodreads Link: ;View Wiccan Lies.jpg in slide show

Buy Links:
Angela's Siren Awakening Angela's Siren Awakening

Phegru's Revenge Phegru's Revenge

Things in the Mirror Things in the Mirror

Wiccan Lies Wiccan Lies
Amazon: ;

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I'm pretty sure those are the links (like that's not enough right? lol). I'm including the covers for all of the books I've listed also :-) Danael (DJ)

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