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I began writing at the age of 12. I wrote the old fashioned Harlequin type romance. You know which ones I mean: clean and wholesome. My aunt was a good fan of my writing and read my stuff helping me with editing and does to this date. I started my own book publishing company to initially publish my own books under my own trademark and ISBN, Then I saw good writers who could not afford the high dollar vanity presses or even subsidy presses so I took on new writers. I now know that though their books are out there they cannot figure out why they are not making a fortune off their books. I try explaining that unless you are  Stepehn King or Beverly Cleary or J K Rowling fortunes are not happening. Even these writers had to get established and known and truth hurts but unless your book is a five star book your sales will be minimal and that is where marketing takes place. Market your own books I tell them the company can only do so much. Marketing by word of mouth is a great book sales technique. I am now at the point that my writing is on hold for helping others you see up until recently I charged no money to publish others but this has proven to be an expense beyond my capabilities as I am a small print on demand company with more heart than capital. I now have to decide whether to dissolve the company or begin to charge a fee small enough to be fair and big enough to help me get the books out there and not use all my royalties and personal income for the company. I wish I could get a grant to help the company help new writers but this is an area where I am lost.

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Comment by KIMBERLY on March 12, 2014 at 4:14am

Because of your kindness I have no doubt that all will work out for you! Sending blessings your way.


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