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I love you enormously like king 8th Edward’s love story although I am not having any kingdom heredity.

I love you truthfully as Romeo loved Juliet to be a great modern love history.

I love you to make a memorial as emperor Shahjahan did build Agra’s Tajmahal in Delhi.

I love you to integrate my creative writing ability.

Love you to gaining enormous feelings and Imagination powers to germinate infinite writing materials spiritually.

I love you to be able strongly to have critical thinking ability by a writing thoughtfully.

I love you to experiencing what is real love & mutual feelings to write many non-fiction short stories for my readers’ stomach twisting feelings by awaken impulsively.

I love you to have a beautiful and transparent soul as a bright & transparent blue sky can see rarely.

Your erotic romance & heavenly touch will beautify and purify my insight minds all junk thoughts and negative thinking creatively.

Your honest and holy love will teach me to learn many human elements to be a successful and perfect creative writer earthly.

I love you to enrich and fulfill all my emotional and feelings quality.

Love you to know, how a romantic conversation take place between two loving partners emotionally?

 I love you to experience why people frequently change their lover to hurt and betray by their brutality?

Love you to explore, how a mind can distributes among many lovers to have many loves but one mind in the reality.

I love you to write a contemporary definition of love instead a traditional or conventional love definition prohibited immediately.

I love you to have a cognitive therapy to reduce and cure my psychic disorder by converting into a good order to live happily.

Your love, romance, and encourage will motivate me to have some new drive to create and expose my insight creativity.

I do love you to kill my loneliness although lots of friends and relative exist around and surrounding my 360 degree.

Love you to exchange and express some of my drastic sad, sorrow, and misery.

Somehow I got a big infection in my heart & minds for a long time but there are no one trustworthy and reliable to asking & know my pain willingly.

I am enduring these drastic dormant pain and sad very earlier in my adultness inhumanly.

Apparently, nobody recognized me as a man of enormous brutal sufferings due to my outer activities and painstaking personality.

I love you honestly and universally to relief me from these unbearable sad, pain, and sufferings permanent recovery.

I love you to do something for you and my family greatly otherwise I will be liable to my Almighty Allah or God and someone for my hypocrisy.

Love you to have some drink water, because in my surroundings water, water, and water, everywhere water but have not a single drop of water to drink and reduce thirsty.

I love you to fulfill you, abide with you, and absorb within you securely and peacefully.

Because without, love, affection, and care I become distress & depressed in physical and mentally.

Please save me, love me, and touch me smoothly so that I can die or expire from here to hereafter with feelings of heavenly.





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