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Yesterday a new person joined my Facebook page because they love my Knights of Camelot series. It's a strange feeling that my words have whizzed all the way over to the US and touched someone enough to prompt them to take such action. I am so deeply touched by the effort and kindness. I also amazed that other people out there love my boys as much as me!

I write in a genre that encourages contact with people who enjoy world building as much as the author - we are often referred to as geeks, and that makes me a very lucky writer. It's great to have such a positive response to such an ethereal product. You write a book, you publish the book and you release it into the vagrancies of the world without your protection.

I've done some truly terrifying things in my life but when my first book hit the virtual shelves of Amazon, I had never been so scared. There is a great sense of vulnerability about most authors. Books are so personal, take so long and can be destroyed with just one careless review. Or at least that's how it feels. But it's not true, we are the brave ones, the ones who have lain our creative hearts on the railway track of life and played chicken with the train of opinion (a stretched metaphor perhaps) and we are the winners. We live the dream, however successfully, we have dared to laugh at the odds and achieve our goals.

I think a small victory dance is in order for all us writers who take the plunge and publish our stories.


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Comment by Catherine Green on January 7, 2012 at 9:21pm

I've been dancing all day! It's a wonderful feeling to know that people enjoy our stories so much.


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