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“Human Suffering & the Maturation of the Higher (Wo)man”. Culture Webs Etude.

* Homage to the Masters of Modernity.

Vignette Paper authored by: 

Stephanie Lynne Thorburn


Prose & Semiotic Art- Labour of Love, Copyright to: Stephanie Lynne.

 April 2021. x 

A progressive etude on human progress, addressing human health, well-being and spiritual anomie. 

This text links to a reflexive paper on authored & illustrated with energy art by Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.  Stephanie is an author, researcher and energy artist with a background in Gestalt health.

In this reflective vignette, the author discusses the topic of the past year’s global health crisis.  She draws together the domains of epidemiology & philosophical ethics, in relation to the immense challenges presented by the continuing crisis to our physical and emotional well-being. 

Summary text for this paper may be cited below the #TreeofLife semiotic in this post.


— Full text for this vignette may be read via  See -

'Human Suffering & the Maturation of the Higher (Wo)man'; Homag...  



Stephanie Lynne's etude pays homage to the tireless work of World Health Organisation. She commends the educational work of Jenner Trust & the Wellcome Trust. 



Recommended reading library: 

Wellcome Collection Feature on Legacy of Edward Jenner & Covid-19 Vaccine Equitable Access.

Thank you to author: Owen Gower.

" Owen Gower is Museum Manager at Dr Jenner’s House, the former home of vaccine pioneer Edward Jenner. He regularly speaks and participates in interviews about Edward Jenner, the history of smallpox and the development of vaccination."

World Health Organisation- COVAX, Covid-19 Equitable vaccines initiative for developing nations.

WHO COVAX Initiative


'Human Suffering & the Maturation of the Higher (Wo)man”.

Recognising Instrumental Utilitarianism.

#Homage to the Masters of Modernity.

A progressive etude on human progress authored & Illustrated by:

Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.

This paper was initially motivated by the experience of personal pain & spiritual isolation, due to the events of the past year.  The author became increasingly curious to investigate the global health crisis in more depth. Driven by a sense of personal ethical concern, she began to focus on the management strategies of global governments to the pandemic crisis. Despite considerable efforts by global nations to mediate the humanitarian crisis that is continuing to unfold, Covid-19 has to this point taken the lives of more than 3 million people worldwide,

Stephanie Lynne's work is shaped by her pedagogic educational background in Gestalt health and the social sciences.  Thus, her work is focused primarily on supporting the goals of democratic health education.  Throughout this paper the author argues that the current 'technocentric' focus of western countries on science and rationality, is now presenting a form of paradigmatic hegemony.  The author integrates a complementary 'ecocentric' perspective with the goals of modern medicine, emphasising a need for more diverse, pluralistic strategies to obviate the continuing global health crisis. 

The ethical aims of this transdisciplinary paper suggest a complementary relationship between medical and philosophical ethics, to realise the utilitarian goals of governments, understandably keen to assist the World Health Organisation’s 'COVAX' programme. COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access aims at equitable access to vaccines globally. UNICEF is the key delivery partner for COVAX, yet the initiative is focused at this stage on helping 20% of the population in developing nations to access Covid-19 vaccines.  More support is therefore needed to assist the aims of UNICEF & the COVAX programme.  However, the research insights of the EcoHealth Alliance could well interject an important alternative perspective, emphasising the extent to which the present pandemic crisis relates to humanity's increasingly disharmonious relationship with Mother Earth.

*Future research directions:  Re-vising empirical data from WHO 'Solidarity' project of 2020.

Increasing epistemological insight into the complex relationship between Covid-19, humanity and our natural environment.  Stephanie Lynne.

Homage to theorists: Bentham, Foucault, Glenn. Hegel, Jenner, Nietzsche, Silverman.

Concepts; Homage, polemic discourse, instrumental rationality, utilitarianism, liberty, equality, epidemiology, Gestalt health.

Please click text below for a link to the full paper via

Stephanie Lynne Thorburn. April 2021.

Human Suffering and the Maturation of the Higher (Wo)man',  Equity ...

Humanitarian & Environmental Causes:
UNICEF::  United nations humanitarian, developmental aid for children:
Delivering 'COVAX' equitable access programme.

UNICEF- Humanitarian Aid


The EcoHealth Alliance’s mission is to develop science- based solutions to prevent pandemics and promote conservation.

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