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Here we are, authors, serious and otherwise, making our way through the yawning haze of American culture, fighting through the muck of popular ambivance, slashing at the fabric of public ennui, all scribbling our footnotes to Plato, and taking a dose of hemlock for our troubles. Why do we do it? Why do we write? For me, at any rate, I do it because there seems no alturnative. I fight on because I cannot do otherwise. Credo: I must write to shore-up the good and beautiful, the true and possible; I must write to expose the frauds, to undercut the resounding hubris and b******* we are surrounded by these days; I must write to give courage to friends and unknown comrads, and to frustrate our common enemies. I write to restore faith in humanity, to restore faith in the future, and to turn arwy those currents in the drift of history which seek to destroy both... Author's, take courage!

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