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Here Today, Zombie Tomorrow - by Connie Vines

Meredith Misso, best-selling author of Steampunk romance novels and an unwilling sponsor of the annual Zombie Walk Festival in Long Beach realizes the event has gone terribly wrong when she wakes up in a body bag.

Meredith withdraws to a cabin in the small mountain town of Forest Falls to complete her novel before Valentine's Day. Becoming a zombie and dealing with the entire raised from the dead issues isn’t easy for her. Pippa, her sister, soon-to-be-ex-husband Viktor, cute teddy bear hamster along with a small circle of friends consume her days.

Victor, who is intense and undeniably sexy knocks on her door and infuses himself right back into her life. Meredith senses that while still driven by his work, he seems more intense than he had been in the past. Puzzled by his behavior, she searches for a way to tell him her secret.

I invite you to come follow Connie Vines’ sassy, fun fantasy series which is packed with adventure and romance in another realm. Whether you are a zombie groupie or this is your first introduction to the zombie world like it was for me, you will get caught up in the fun characters and interesting story of the undead.

Cold Coffee Press endorses “Here Today, Zombie Tomorrow” by Connie Vines as a fun new series, novella in length, easy to read and entertaining. This book was given to us in a PDF for review and the review was completed on January 1, 2015. For more information about Cold Coffee Press please visit

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About The Author: Award-Winning author, Connie Vines lives deep in the quirky suburbs of Southern California in a butter-yellow house shaded by mimosa and magnolia trees with her husband.

Connie has published over one hundred fiction and nonfiction articles, seven genre novels and educational student activity books. She has also ghost-written two literary novels and one screen play. Under the pseudonym of Addison Murray, Connie published with Kensington/Zebra where her romance novels were translated into more than ten languages.

Connie has been a member of Orange County Chapter of Romance Writers of America since 1986. She has also served on the executive board of the International Chapter of Romance Writers as Vice-President, Secretary and Newsletter Editor of the YA Writers' National Network, and is currently the President of The GothRom (Gothic Romance) Chapter of Romance Writers.

Taking full advantage of her nomadic childhood, Connie weaves her regional and international experiences into her novels and novellas.

Author Connie Vines’ Published Books
Brede (Rodeo Romance Book 2)
Here Today, Zombie Tomorrow
Lynx (A Rodeo Romance Book 1)
Ride A Wild Heart/Summer Magic (Double Delights #22)
Whisper Upon The Water

Author Connie Vines’ Website
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