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Hello ALL,

     I think this web page seems great for a number of reasons. It is fortunate to find a place that connects beginners in the writing process to publishers who have been in the business for a while.

Mostly it is refreshing to find a place where there are like-minded individuals who ultimately value the power of writing and reading, and the coming together to learn, share, and explore.

A snippet about myself:

 I have been reading all my 22 years of life and I have been writing poetry for as long as I can remember. This past June I graduate from college and while I in the "economic depression, find a job phase" I have gotten back into writing. There has always been a bug in me, or an item on my to-do list that said, "I want to write a book before I die" and instead of thinking about it I am taking action. I would be an honored for anyone to read it someday but mostly I just want to accomplish the task for myself.

Okay so basically with that out of the way I am just hoping to meet people for some if not more of the following reasons

- Learn about your passions for writing

- what drives you/whats your writing process

-How hard is it to get a book published and is there any real profit(financially) in doing so.

-Do you ever talk to yourself while writing( seriously!!)) haha

- Just something interesting about yourself.

Thanks guys and hope to hear back from anyone.

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