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Hello fellow delvers into the world of publishing! Authors, editors, illustrators, publishers, all of us must be just a touch insane part of the time. Myself, I started doing short stories and bad show knock-offs at the tender aged of 13 or so ("Man From Uncle" if that ages me) and science fiction short stories. Late rin life at about age 30 or so I actually published a couple of short stories in a regional called "Genre' Sampler" and then started doing technical articles, first in nuclear chemistry, then in computers. I graduated to full blown books and authored or co-authored about 24 technical books dealing with computers and Oracle database technology. Finally just in the last 2-3 years I have gotten back into fiction publishing some additional short stories in some horror anthologies and self-publishing a sword and sorcery novel (Quest of the Rune Sword), a collection of my short stories ( Seeds of Wonder) and an action adventure novel (Ransom of the Phoenix). I also edited and published a book of my father-in-law's about his experiences as a country doctor (A Kick in Your Caduceus).


I currently have another action adventure ready to publish titled "Winnebhozo Blues - Mysteries of Rock Lake" and as soon as I get some time, I will publish it as well. I am also working on the second book of the Rune Stone trilogy: "To Close the Gate". I hope I can get some good feedback and encouragement on this site from all the great authors, editors and publishers here.

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