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Gratitude check today!

“Make it a goal to make it a habit to begin every day with a loving thought and a grateful heart... and to end every day with a grateful thought and a loving heart.”

Rise up with thanks, to those who have sacrificed, who have supported, who have provided, who have served, who have given, who have assisted, who have entertained, and who have died for you. Know that your thoughts, words, and actions make a monumental difference in many lives beyond your own... especially beyond death.

“Pursue what catches your heart and captivates your soul, not what catches your eyes and captivates your ego.”

Gratefulness felt and thankfulness expressed is the beginning of gratitude as gratitude completes thankfulness and concludes gratefulness. Thankfulness may consist of mere words with gratitude completing the moments by action. Just as well as bliss cannot be consumed, earned, owned, worn or traveled to. Bliss or happiness is spiritually experiencing every moment of your livelihood lovingly, joyfully, and graciously.

“You would not be grateful for more if you aren’t grateful for what you already have. Be grateful for what you already have during the pursuance of your dreams and goals."

Be mindful of the present. Be grateful during the moment. Be optimistic throughout the day. Be accepting, honest, genuine, and authentic always. Be kind and respectful now... and this awesomeness you support will be a livelihood worth sharing with others habitually, routinely, and repeatedly as you ripen toward the next phase of life.

“Gratitude helps in your growth and expansion as a genuine human being as it cultivates joy and bliss within your life while you bring into the lives of all those around you.”

CHEERS~ to your great life, great day and success continuing...

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