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Podunk, VA
Madmarco, reporting.

As the dust cleared, it was obvious to me as an imbedded journalist on the scene that something had gone horribly wrong. Two local policemen had tasered an obviously distraught female who was simply trying to get to the sight of her friend's car accident.
This reporter noted that the police on scene were extrememly agitated and had in fact unholstered their service weapons. From my vantage point, I noticed that all pertinent evidence had been hastily removed from the scene before the district crime scene investigors arrived.
One finds one in a quandry when one witnesses such abject disregard for civil rights in a township of only 120,000 folks.
It strikes me that we have forgotten the principles of human decency in situations of emergent nature. It also strikes me that the loss of the basic civil rights upon which we have based our society has gone far too unnoticed.
Next stop, D.C.

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Comment by Kay Elizabeth on June 14, 2010 at 4:06am
Are you serious? Did that really happen? That's horrific! The poor woman...

What are you going to do?
Comment by Mark A. Santomieri on June 14, 2010 at 4:41pm
Yes, indeed, dear Kay. It did in fact happen.
I was unlucky enough to witness this. But the story intensifies. We, as writers, are bound to happen on fiction, but when reality bites, it bites deeply. I am a journalist by nature, ever looking toward the core. However, when one spins fantasy into the equation, one loses the taste for the real. I've just gotten back to my roots, dear Kay,
and there is more to come.
Let us talk about the cataclysm in the Gulf of Mexico. It is beyond our ken to understand just how disasterous this is, in real time, for our world. An entire ecosystem is being systematically destroyed by the hour. It had always been in the back of my fictitious mind that the seas would ultimately become our salvation, our last best ray of hope. At this current juncture, however, I see only famine for the human race.
Tragic, but all too true.
I only hope that my grandchildren will learn from our mistakes.
My next post will be about the Gulf and the absolute idocy of the parties involved.

As to the poor woman who was tasered, she has recieved an apology and is sueing the city for police brutality. My heart goes out to her. She not only lost a good friend, but she had her dignity stripped from her as well.

Staying Editorial,
Comment by Mark A. Santomieri on June 19, 2010 at 4:22am
Hi, it's me again.

Newest and fresh on the editorial links.
Let's talk about the atrocity in the Gulf of Mexico.

I stand on this point: It is absolutely not the time to start mud slinging and casting blame. It is absolutetly about fixing the problem.
Sixty days into the project and now localities are taking responsibily for their own protection. This is what our country was made of. This is the stuff of bravery and courage to take action against a system that has proven itself ineffecftive. We all wish to not talk about Katrina and those who suffered in its aftermath. But this, this is a devastation. Our grands will no longer be able to see what I have seen. I will no longer enjoy shrimp. I will find myself, where I am at the moment, writing away saying to everyone, get a grip!
I apologise for my passion only slightly.


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