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Whatever it is black and white as a human being

No difference having in their genetic engineering.

One creator created them without classifications

Externally classify them only, for his satisfactions.

White people having blood which contain color red

Black people’s same color bloods flowing also to their head,

Mother, father, daddy-papa only calling name

No difference you can see to find among them?

God or Allah or a creator having no inequity

Racism and discrimination or depriving, humanity

All injustices are performing by human named entity.

Love, affection, feelings, caring also responsibility

Black mother and white mother is having similarity,

White descendant and black descendant pertaining

To all elements with one ancestor’s containing,

Universal father Adam was first human of Earth’s

We are all then daughters and sons of Adam’s by births.

Mankind or all human beings, it is all the same

So, Mankind is a unique painting, power of supreme.  


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Comment by NURUZZAMAN SARDER on January 25, 2013 at 8:46pm

It is one of my very begining writing.


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