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http://Lylehutchins59@facebook.comTitle: Everything You Wanted to Know Subtitle: About the Holy Order of Mans but Were Afraid to Ask Author’s Name: Lyle Hutchins ISBN: ISBN 13 (TP): 978-1-4691-5508-1 ISBN 13 (eBook):978-1-4691-5509-8 Price: Paperback: $ ; Hardcover: $ Number of Pages: 49 pages 100-word blurb: Hardcore Biblical gumshoe P.I. (private investigator) Vance McGarrett and assistant Scarlet Script investigate a religious group called the Holy Order of Mans. The Order was founded by a shady character named Earl Blighton who is the supposed reincarnation of St. Paul. The order has a bona fide grant from the state of California to grant degrees and ordination. As it grows, it takes on Orientalism and Gnosticism. McGarrett exposes the seamy side of religious organizations in this investigation and gives fair warning to the innocent about the many scams that flourish on the market stalls on the way to Christian salvation.

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