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Email marketing is not as complicated as you think. It's simply a means to advertise or inform potential customers over the Internet that you have something of interest to offer them. You can sell products, information or services by directly contacting persons who are looking for what you offer. Email marketing is cheap, fast and surprisingly interactive. An email marketing campaigns starts with some valuable tips.

Your Virtual Base of Operations

For your email marketing push, the first consideration is your source or home base on the Internet. This will be your website, newsletter or a blog. You can find free websites on the Internet by Googling phrases such as “free websites”, “free website construction” and “no-cost websites.” You can purchase a hosted website or domain by searching the Internet. Domain websites are very cheap, some of them costing only $10 to $15 dollars per year. Domain websites that cost more will have more features and design choices that include everything from reader traffic patterns and locations to buy buttons or small databases and spreadsheets. If you are selling a product (like a book) you might want a website that can host and display lots of visual data like photos, diagrams or videos. Make sure your website or blog has a comment section where potential customers or visitors can ask questions and receive your reply. Design your website or blog with ease of function in mind. Do not clutter it with extraneous features which will cause slow loading. 

Your Brand

Remember in your email marketing campaign, you will need to give your site a name or title. You can use your name, but use it in conjunction with your product or services—like the pen name you use on your genre books. Be clever or cute if you want, or give it a more serious and formal tone. Selling medical supplies might have a more formal or technical tone, while a dog-grooming business might use a more relaxed and humorous title. Books might include a clever or enticing reader hook. Stay on target with a specific theme. If you are selling books, keep all information relative to books and reading subjects, with no deviations to other personal topics. This shows professionalism and expertise.

Communication and Building your Audience

An email marketing campaign means learning how to write an intriguing and interesting newsletter or blog topic. Find help on the Internet to increase your writing skill. Do you belong to some blogs on the Internet? What is it about them it that attracts you? What attracts you to their information or news?

 Concentrate on subject matter that will interest and draw your targeted audience. Join Internet groups that offer the same topic you are covering, and solicit memberships and readers to your site by leaving a link to your website or blog in your profile or at the bottom of your message post in the “signature line.” Record all email addresses of persons you find might be interested in your topic and send them an invitation to your site, blog or your newsletter. Drop a link to your site everywhere you go—interact with the online community as often as you can. Become a presence. Once you begin to draw subscribers and readers to your site, encourage them to spread the word.

Frequency and Drive

Post on your blogs or website, or send out newsletters frequently and with a steady rhythm. Once a day is great, or at least two to three times per week. Once a week is enough to drive interest and hold it. Vary your content with new and updated information relative to your topic. Thank your subscribers and answer all comments. Nothing helps increase traffic to your site with an email marketing campaign than word-of-mouth advertising. Don't expect immediate results, but rather build up your audience with a slow and steady pace. Before long, you’ll have a plentiful and growing audience that can only get larger and more popular.      

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