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Elixer by Davis Bunn

Overall rating: Is it over yet?

This book is just one of those books that you grab off of the discount shelf at a store. You read the back and words like “A reluctant man must uncover a conspiracy of pharmaceutical company before they kill him.’ It has the image of test tube on the cover and image of man on the run. So why not? I like a espionage novel every once and I’ll give it a try.

The story is about this man named Taylor. He’s in one of the high places in a small pharmaceutical company, that’s only chance to survive is to merge with a giant. Revell.

Revell also is the company who is owned by a family that has bad history with Taylor. Years ago, Taylor dated the daughter and she disowned her father and family in the process. Kierra wanted nothing to do with being rich and being part of the family any longer. And surely not part of the company.

Taylor is pulled to the side by Kierra’s sister. She says that Kierra is in trouble and all she knows is they have a note from Kierra where she asks Taylor to find her. Taylor turns down the off because he had cheated on her and lost her. But when Amanda blackmails him with the power of the company behind her.

So Taylor goes on this search with very few clues that takes him from America to Europe uncovering the extremely dragged out lame plot that this book contains.

It’s not a action novel like I expected it to be, but that is not the issue here. The issue is this book doesn’t know what it wants to be. At the beginning of the book, it feels very much like a Ludlum novel. It then switches to Taylor’s memory lane about this girl he lost and the people he grew up with. It then turns to a detective mystery. Then he goes to a church where it seems he trying to find his faith followed by a few more spy thriller and love scenes. I’m not saying that genre blending is a bad thing. I actually love it, but Davis doesn’t know how and over the book is just a mess.

So I just said the bad. What about it is good? Not much. Over all it’s about Taylor finding himself on a quest of self discovery, and to me that was boring. If you like it. Go for it. But I don’t have anything good to say.

Rating: Half a smoothie out of four

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