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That is important to me. It really is.
When you have a child, that is something you think about a lot. As a parent, we have to plan, prepare and teach our children everything we can to protect them. Sometimes, that is all we can do and sometimes that is not enough.
I have probably always known this, but becoming a father has reinforced it. There is one thing more, and it should be the first thing. Trust God.
I could put bars on the windows and my daughter on one of those child leashes, but the main thing is to believe God will be all the protection I need. In my writing, I refer to His plan. I could hire armed guards, but if that is not His plan, then it would not matter.
That brings me to the latest story in my series “An Amish Home”. This story is called “The Lost Sheep” and, by now, you probably can guess the premise. I thought when I wrote the first two “Amish Home” stories that they were not connected. Maybe they would be some nice stand-alone short stories. What I realize now is that they are Ruth’s stories.
Ruth is the five-year-old daughter of Allan and Mary Howarth, the main characters of “Set Free: An Amish Journey”. In my new story, we get to look back at the first two stories and see the events through her eyes. That will bring us up to the point of “The Lost Sheep”. It is going to be a little scary for me to write that part of the story. We don’t want to think about something bad happening to our children, but sometimes we can’t help it. 
As a storyteller, I have the opportunity to deal with thoughts and feelings through my characters. I can explore those ideas and find peace in imagining what God has in store for me. Instead of wasting time thinking about the negative, I can devote myself to the positive.
With God as my shield, I am a happy man.
Now, if you haven’t already, I invite you to come meet young Ruth –
An Amish Home – Volume 1 - The Flood -
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An Amish Home – Volume 3 – The Lost Sheep is coming soon
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