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"Divine Harmonics: 
Kriya Krishna Healing Arts".
By Author & Artist: 
Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.
Image: Kriya Tree- Homage to Bodhi Tree, S. Thorburn.
Below is a special Christmas journal entry for friends @ and my family on the eve of 2018! 
*May your heart, soul and spirit be uplifted this New Year...

This December I effectively mastered the challenge of releasing my new work defining the nascent sphere of 'Kriya Krishna Spirit Healing arts'.
Kriya healing arts are my lifeblood.  Founded upon the seminal example set by spiritual Forefathers Paramhansa Yogananda
and Bhagavan Krishna. 
Simply expressed, the modern world is in sore need of love, compassion and spiritual re-connection.
My heart is with all those who recently suffered immensely from the chaos caused by devastating hurricane winds, fires and earthquakes internationally. Literally & metaphorically, Gaia Earth is experiencing a chilling spiritual awakening!
Whilst studying with Yogananda Institute, I fell in love with the allegorical charms of Yogananda's classic spiritual biopic,
  "Autobiography of a Yogi", (Self Realization Fellowship, 1946).  x
-  Kriya healing arts resonated with my heart centre.
Subsequently I 'channeled' the allied modality of Kriya Reiki healing in 2016, as an integral to my DSh. studies.
- Within my original book on Kriya Reiki I illustrated the pages with Kriya 'Kirlian' art.   During 2017, I have richly extended this collection to form the allied domain of Kriya Krishna healing art I have presented my collection
of spiritual iconography images here in my new publication:  -

"Divine Harmonics" Kindle.  See-
Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.
(Published Dec. 2017 via Labour of Love titles.)

This blog comprises a short textual overview, supported by a spiritual verse capturing a little of the ethos of this nascent healing modality.

Please enjoy the artwork & prose. 
-  Blessings.  Namaste fellow authors and friends.
Stephanie Lynne. x

Divine Harmonics:  The Kriya Krishna Healing Arts. 

By Author & Artist:  Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.



"Divine Harmonics" is a succinct, spiritually replete vignette. Images are cultivated in reflection of divine quintessence present in the living biosphere of Gaia.

Kriya spirit healing arts are life sustaining; Kriya Krishna arts are a growing family tree of holistic modalities, supporting the Kriya yogic pathway of meditation. Spiritual Forefathers of these nascent arts are Paramhansa Yogananda & Bhagavan Krishna.

Kriya art celebrates intelligent design in nature. Kriya healing is a conduit to re-connection, communicating with lexis of archetypal symbolism. Kriya spirit art nourishes creativity and compassion to ensure emancipation of divine soul. Kriya Krishna healing pervades ancient wisdom. Spiritual, transpersonal, unerringly present, yet elusive. Illustrations are bathed in fecund harmonious spiritual iconography, derived from 'prana'- life force energy.

- The text includes theory & etymology of Kriya art. Complementary precepts of Kriya Reiki healing are illuminated. Educational links and references are integral to this etude.
Spiritual Genealogy.
The primary utility of Kriya spirit art is rooted its spiritual genealogy.  Kriya 'Kirlian' art is a nascent genre of spiritual iconography, with origins deeply founded in the lexis of soul.  Kriya healing art is not a modern art therapy, but an ancient form of spiritual expression.  It is a visual symbolic language imbued in the stark beauty of nature and the archetypal wisdom of Gaia Sophia. Kriya spirit art is 'bio-resonant' with the organic 'aura' of living sentient beings; it is innate, aesthetic & powerful!
Spiritual dedications to:
The Universal Light, (Bishop Don Hauck),
Paramhansa Yogananda's Self-Realisation Fellowship, founded 1920,
Sobornost (Fellowship of St. Alban.)

A 'Labour of Love' title, Copyright 2017.
*See Kindle:

Life- force energy- ‘Prana’.


Spiritual Verse.

‘The Kriya Tree’.

Homage to the Bodhi Tree.


The Kriya Tree connects with the crossing point of light.

Kriya art is the language of compassion.  Kriya leaves open the mind to thought & sensation, resonating with the resolute universal nurturing force of the Sun’s rays.


Kriya tree shoots connect with the vortex of latent emotion- meeting mind with heart.

Kriya tree sap weeps for lost souls, the death of life, universal suffering.

The sap abaits hurt & ignorance, upholding prayers of hope.


Kriya fruit nurtures the melody of love- nourishing harmony, faith & enlightened minds.

Kriya roots meet earth with matter, sustaining life, cradling body, mind spirit & soul to the umbilical cord of one.


Image:  'Magnum Opus'- Kundalini butterfly dormant within the Kriya Tree.

S.L. Thorburn. x

From the unity of consciousness, a vortex of forgiveness opens,

Kundalini flame ignites the white noise beneath the tapestry of latent emotion,

A primal gift from an omnipotent creator,

Compassion flows from the vacuum of the mortal ecology of human souls.


 Kriya Tree opens a portal towards a universe of imperceptible paradise,

Divine love & compassion emanate from within,

Harmonious surrender swell beneath latent tears,

Sentience & liberty are won.

Image:  From the 'Kundalini Masters' Series,

Art & Prose by S. Thorburn.

Thank you for reading.  Wishing you all @ a wonderful seasonal period.

 Author & Artist page via Kindle-

Labour of love titles.

See: Stephanie Lynne Thorburn Kindle Art & Prose.




Conservation link, see:

The Bodhi Tree Foundation.

(Supporting biodiversity & community ecology initiatives.)

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