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I love the squirrels on the cover of these stories, great stuff. But for me what is even better is the stuff inside. Cody Toye is a very talented author. He writes in many different genres and covers many different age groups. Right now he has in no particular order: The Toye Box Collection of children’s stories, Zorza the Alien a YA sci-fi series, Dribbles, and a new sci-fi series Intangibles. The last one is not one I would share with the little ones; it is dark and violent. My post will be coming soon on that; it should be live on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and Smashwords by Tuesday at the latest. Back to Dribbles/Operation Blackout, here is what this installment is all about:

“Don't judge a digital short story by its cover. This is the story of what happens to a man that gets downsized after putting 25 years of his life into a company that sends him to the scrap heap. The pain, anguish and at times euphoria of freedom from his emotional bondage are all naked and raw for us the reader. Enjoy Dribbles the Squirrel and all that he is to become and used to represent.

Children's Author, Cody Toye, lives in SW Missouri with his wife, Heather; eight-year-old son, Gideon; Labradoodle, Rose; and Weiner hound, Artemis. He enjoys spending time with his family, martial arts, and ice-cream. “

I had the pleasure of interviewing Cody and his lovely wife H.R. on Monday; they were a lot of fun. I asked Cody about Dribbles and he described him as an extension of his imagination that he was using to get back at those that separate people from their jobs wrongly. Whether it is just for personal gain, power, to make the bottom line appear better, any of the reasons that those that be used to separate others from their jobs. A good spin on a bad thing. I enjoy the series, I look forward to the future installments, and I hope that you to will support this author’s fine and very versatile work.

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