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The Pirate Captain by Ken Moorehead

The Description of the Young Pirate Captain by Author: Ken Moorehead The story is about a normal child growing up he is the son of the devil and is real true father is the devil. He is just a real young child and his father the devil is trying to protect him from the universe which seems mostly out to destroy the unknowing innocent child. He is just a normal average child growing up full of curiosity to learn, exploring with innocence unaware of the danger to himself from the entire universe part of that dangerous is the fear of centuries of the devil. The father knows of the danger about the harm what could occur so he opens the gates of hell to come forward into the universe of earth from hell he brings within a temporary home sort of similar to a summer rental. He brings full of full platoon of protectors of demons there also the Devil, Satan and Lucifer. There is also the angels from heaven, sometimes viewing even god sometimes views the child because this child may change the world in the future for the better. He is just a child normally slowly growing up the story is some about the child growing up what is occurring he seems momentarily innocent of the universe he does know about the place where he is the world and nothing about the universe. The devil knows some but seeming he does not know all but the danger of the universe for child he knows about this so at the time story he is trying to teach the very young child. He is trying to teach him before he goes away where he may leave the child forever and possibly eternity because his power is limited by restrictions that are even unknown to him in the universe of earth. The father the devil keeps trying to teach the child the young pirate captain before the time may run out forever but the demons, the child, the devil and even part of heaven are sometimes over whelmed by the beginning occurrences. There has been adversary that been there since the beginning of time mysteriously unknown which assisted in the creation of the earth and parts of the universe. This may even have partly created the devil himself which why he is even confused by it or lacking this knowledge he thinks he knows the rules about things but he is unsure what he is to do when it comes to this unkown thing. This thing is called nature but whom is also the punisher it is the fear of all hell, the devils and demons it is the fear in all of the universes. They travel and the devil fears mostly for his son’s life the young pirate captain or what may occur to him. This is just the beginning of the young child as he starts to come forward, to first appear as a child and just a few stories about some occurrences that have taken place so far. I think this is enjoyable short stories I hope you choose this story to read, and enjoy this bizarre short stories. I hope you like this creation of the beginning amateur work, I would like to get reviews back opinions what could be changed what it is you like or dislike and encourage hoping you will be able to write about the story. I tried to stay focused on one subject the very young pirate captain and the father the devil some about the beginning of the child growing up. I apologize in advance if the story is not interesting but I meant no offense by the writing in any way to anyone, place or persons it does not reflect the true nature of any it just is a story completely created it is just a limited fiction stories. The story: The Young Pirate Captain is trying to describe about life including the current time now. The page that follows is more about what the writer or I Author: Ken Moorehead occurrences or thought about the creation when writing. I hope life is good, moving forward and I most definitely would like it if others enjoyed my writing the: Pirate Captain or the very young child the Pirate Captain. Ken Moorehead correction 04/26/2011 Tuesday The Pirate Captain: The Writers Thought The devil turned blue purple he chattered his teeth h

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