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Hey there and happy Monday to all. I wanted to start the week off with a bang and make some noise early in the week so I am going to post on not one but two of my collaborators. I have been fortunate to work with Vincent Zandri on “Down Low-Dead” ( available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords,  and B.R. Stateham on “Hotel Beaumont” which will be released in a few weeks. The reason I bring that up is that I have the unique distinction of not only jazzing with these incredible authors in the written form but also verbally as they have both been my guests on my blogtalk show, The G-ZONE a number of times. Two incredibly gifted authors, two awesome novels of different genres, two posts to start the week off as we march on towards the Memorial Day Weekend. Vincent Zandri for me is the definition of how to work hard and make your readers happy. He is well known for his large heart and responsiveness to his friends and fans, of this, I do not think anyone can argue with me. Why do I bring this up? Basically the man is consistently trying to challenge himself, to give his fans and readers his best work, his best effort , and to stretch himself artistically to the limits each and every time he sits at the keyboard. How else do you think the man on two separate occasions came up with main characters named “Harry Balls” in “Down Low-Dead”  and “Ava Harrison “in “Concrete Pearl”.

Let’s get right to the action shall we:

“Ava "Spike" Harrison might be a beautiful, classically schooled woman, but the single, 38 year old construction business owner is also plenty ballsy. Her late father taught her long ago how to handle the rough boys in an industry that's almost entirely filled with hard-boiled men on the make. But now, with "the business dad built" from the ground up failing due to an unusual series of job-site injuries and just plain bad luck, Spike has no choice but to take on one last project she believes can pull the fledgling firm from the depths of almost certain bankruptcy and family shame: The Renovation of Albany PS 20.

Problem is, Spike had no choice but to take the job on the cheap. To make matters worse, she's not only hired an asbestos removal contractor who, unbeknownst to her, low-balled his price, but she's advanced him $10Gs from her own dwindling cash account as a "good faith" incentive to beat the project deadline.

Now, when that same asbestos contractor suddenly goes missing and it's discovered by OSHA officials that he's cheated on the project exposing more than 300 students to deadly asbestos fibers for months, Spike decides to take matters into her own callused hands and go in search of him. What she discovers along the way however, is a path paved with deception, greed, murder, and eventually, her own ultimate demise.

Armed with a framing hammer as her equalizer instead of a gun, Spike Harrison is one hot, but tough as nails amateur woman sleuth.”

I asked Mr. Zandri point blank the last time we were discussing “Concrete Pearl” on my blogtalk show,” How did you do the research for the lead ,your female character? Did you dress up like a woman and go out to the Albany bars?”

His reply, “No ,I have doing it for years , so this was just a natural extension of my alternate lifestyle”

Now we both laughed at this as we are known to have bouts of foolish behavior on the show. But the thing is, even if he doesn’t do that type of thing, the man has nailed it down not just once but twice with the female viewpoint. I don’t know if anyone remembers a little known novel called “The Remains”. In that, the man nails down the viewpoint of not just one girl but identical twins, Amazing! So I wasn’t surprised he went to the well again and tied that together with something he also has first-hand knowledge of, the construction industry.  Your basic win-win for the man. He gets to write about something he has been success with , the women’s perspective and the construction industry; we the reader to get to reap the benefits of another intense, fast paced, hard hitting, framing hammer to the skull read from the reigning “King of Kindle”. Did I just write that? I have to guess I did. My suggestion is if you are a fan of the man’s writing ability, pick “Concrete Pearl” up for the a great holiday weekend read and go one step further and download “Down Low-Dead” for another $.99 and double your pleasure, and have an incredible laugh.

Things have changed around here. I am now the published author by Trestle Press of “Down Low- Dead” with Vincent Zandri, “The Jersey Shore Has Eyes” with Big Daddy Abel”, “G.S.I Gelati’s Scoop Investigations Psychotic Detectives” with Thomas White, “Who Whacked The Blogger” with Benjamin Sobieck,and the soon to be released  “Thad and The G-Man’s Most Awesome Adventure” with Thad Brown and “Hotel Beaumont” with B.R. Stateham. All the stories are available @ Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and Smashwords. I am also the host of the wildly popular The G-ZONE blogtalk radio show. Thanks for stopping by today; We will see you tomorrow. Have a great day.






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