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Unnecessary talk


We're delving into the dating dilemma – how to better go about my getting one.

Of course, the most talked about way is to make a friend first, then see where it goes. Find common ground, interests, etc.

When the time comes to ask for an evening out, I've read where it is goo to start with an opening, an observation, then ease into the actual invitation. If you see she likes coffee, mention that you heard there was a shop you've been meaning to visit...would you…

Since I don't like coffee, that specific scenario is out...maybe.

Anyway, my point is, get to the point. Don't ramble on with talk that won't go anywhere. I'm not going to set a word or time limit, but referencing last week's post, watch her body language, her willingness to continuing conversing.

Get in, say a few words, then ask.

The problem for me is that common ground. There is a specific woman I'd like to date, but she and I work in different departments, one opposite sides of the building. We've spoken one on one on one maybe a total of four times. About business.

Say that I pluck up the nerve to talk to her...what about? By starting any conversation, do I risk revealing myself? Would that be a bad thing?

I don't know. What are thoughts on small talk?

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