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Though I've written two self-publishing books, I've neglected getting much advice from other writers. I mainly have taken the advice of my publishers and through reading publishing materials. I find it rewarding to join this site(, authors, writers,publishers, and book readers) .. . I believe as I further my writings, I'll now enjoy the task even more. My present published writing, (Crossing the Pilgrim Journey), is about making the best choices in living the Christian life. It gives examples of challenges and solutions. Anyone can live a good life when enabled with good jobs,money and whatever it takes to achieve their goals, but the average person living the less accomplished life must take a different route. This is where I try to warn those who are experiencing difficulties in this present world how to make it, even through hard trials. The initial solution is to strive each day to live by the true Word of God. And I'm not leaving anyone out. Everyone should follow this advice.

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