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US House didn’t subpoena Bolton- he knows the jig is up- he cancelled his meeting with Ukraine-after he missed his scheduled testimony~ absolute zero from him pending trial~
Giuliani cleaned up the NY mob reports are he ‘has no hook to Ukraine’~ simplicity Ukraine is known for technology, mercury, titanium~ corruption~ they along with Russia have wars on drugs another link in the chain. The old mafia just had a hostile- takeover is changing hands the low gain common racketeering is going to be left for the slums where they will shake down their street dealers. The usual elite in these nations, Wall Street lobbyists will ice the drug market and complete their world plan. And the Ukrainian economy has been suffering from a severe downturn. In 2016 economic growth in Ukraine resumed. Black soil,[Texas tea~ Trumps win] known for technology, mineral rich; mercury and titanium~ corruption~ lets speculate shall we~ the major issue on Trump to my understanding is that he got personal rewards, made secret deals with Ukraine(we now guess tit for tat in elections and increasing drug profit overall-as with both enforcement against and, distribution.) My educated guess is that Bolton was the agent and a no show at court and skipped a meeting maybe to cover his ass with another scheme and is just stalling for time with this; a mysterious “deal of the century”, 9-18-19- to settle the Middle East conflict-
What happened with the Russians ~ my guess was on target Trump has had his way with Putin’s Russia. The two of them (in addition to the 2016 election) colluded to stage a war for Russian territorial gain by provoking a war with Ukraine- that will replace Putin’s Russia for rigging the 2020 elections in both countries to wit~ they have that we (he) want~ the two will collude again and draw huge unreported funds from cleaning up the mess they made and tell us it had to be done anyway ~ as they finance rigged elections with drug and arm sales money~ whew~
PBS~ our ongoing cycle of resignations & impeachments: Nixon, Clinton, Trump is in a manner of speaking partisan removal from office without an election~ a subtle cue-de-tat; rule by de facto~ no one wants the job. Parliamentary coalition just so together the pieces flow to fit~
Iran and Iraq are very close allies that supported each other against ISIS. The relationship between the two countries is strong in part due to the fact that both governments operate on a Shi'ite system of governance.
Isis- The American-led coalition in Iraq and Syria halted its years- long campaign against the Islamic State on Sunday as United States forces braced for retaliation from Iran over a strike that killed a powerful Iranian commander, military officials said.
Iran has since become Iraq's largest trading partner ~ comments- A generation ago 32 years these close allies ended an eight year war over oil. I found this twist in the story intriguing in a nut shell ISIS doesn’t know itself-how or where it came from, understand their basic roots. They believe in Salafi jurisprudence which was influenced greatly by hashish eating mystic Sufis. Isis uses the word caliphate the title used at the time of the Islamic renaissances. Their aim is to unite Muslims on a word wide basis (Marx used workers) they seem to like the old schools of thought.
Meanwhile Iraq claims it has no problems with its Kurds, who can’t seem to develop a sovereign state out of there autonomous state in Iraq without the Turks those fun loving guys from the movie Midnight Express~ Anyway the Kurds who are comparable to the German warrior hordes (barbarians) that sacked Rome are known for their military prowess of course just like what happed to the Germans all of their neighbors want to keep them ‘in their place’~ so what is going on with Israel they are also great at war and have US arms and government connections. -the nearest state that could help the Kurds who are so desperate they’ve cried out for EU aid~
When US President Donald Trump dropped his bombshell and announced the withdrawal of American soldiers from northeastern Syria, Israeli politicians from Right and Left rushed to express their overt support and sympathy for the abandoned Kurds
Well now- we also have or had the Arab spring which apparently shook up the oldies and they snuffed out the movement not the idea. The fundamentalists must have helped got something out of it, some reward. I wager from the same mentality of the traditional Islamic state of the Saudis that were involved with Al-Qaeda and 9-11~ they just changed the ‘name’. Factions within these tight groups are civil wars these will be 'civil disputes' by the terrorists~ just like the drug lords~ the cash flowing in by arms
I bet among the springers some smoke or eat hash and are aware of their Sufi past. & that if the Isis people go far back enough to their past, that is, if they do their job right they will discover their ties to the Sufis. Thereby achieving their goal~ in a dream world~ but, this will only occur after a long stage of so called religious wars- where millions are killed in nasty ways but, as Cheney said “so what”~ Iran and Iraq were at odds with Isis this simply gives them cause to build up their military or, do they have a common goal and, if so any ethics. As America has become less dependent on foreign oil we can according to Trump tell the Arabs to kiss our ass good-bye so he of course withdrew from Syria is pulling of Iraq.
Isis didn’t go away it may become a Judas a necessary evil is the catalyst- Isis was or is, or will become the necessary spark, the critical mass, the catalyst that revives the Arab spring and Isis will get it wish; the Islamic nations will unite on their own accord. And as the people become more and more disfranchised from the wars and reason out the beliefs on religion it will not ‘opiate’ them rather enlighten them- with of course a strong dose of Machiavellian offers from any existing sort of state-

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