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Cold Coffee Press Book Review For Rita Rita - by L. L. Dahl-Jensen

Rita, Rita is a fast paced story with strong characters in realistic settings. Mentionable characters include Josie who finds herself in an unusual situation, Tony who is just going about his life as usual, Rita who just wants to start over away from the mob and Susan who has memories that haunt her and unanswered questions.

An unusual family saga that transitions smoothly with twists and turns that keeps the reader engaged. This book holds something for everyone as there are good guys, bad guys, adventure and romance that stirs the heart.

L.L. Dahl-Jensen is a new up and coming author that writes with a great story telling style. Rita, Rita is the first book in this author’s trilogy and so we anticipate more great books in the future.

Cold Coffee Press endorses Rita, Rita by L. L. Dahl – Jensen as a suspense drama with a romantic twist. Reviewed on November 26, 2014. Book provided by the author for review. Please visit us at

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