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Alsion sighed, palms fixed on the far end of the small table they'd gven her to eat on. The files of Cody Miller and everyone that had talked to him, they were all irrelevant...only connected by two things, they all went to a highschool and were girls. Sighing, she shuffled quickly through the papers, suddenly stopping at one of the girls.
"Kayla?" Alison mused.
She pulled out the blonde, curly haired girl's file. It'd been so long, last time she'd seen this girl was four years ago in eighth grade. She smiled at the file, looking at the pictures that wee taken. It seemed that Cody visited this one more often, seeing as there were various pictures of them together uploaed to facebook and such by their friends. She made a small face, four years and the first thing she'd have to tell her friend was, "I have to kill your boyfriend."
"Wonderful..." Alsion stated sarcastically, tapping the papers on the table so they'd all straighten.
She turned, thinking of when she'd go. From the times the pictures were taken, Cody viited every one or two weeks, sometimes three, but it looked as if he always went to the same school to see the same person...
"I'll just have to visit Kayla sooner..."

Kyle followed Cody once more, hands in pockets. His sister trailed, not far behind. Haley was surprised at his brother's confidence, was it the power? Or maybe it was one of Cody's new 'tricks'. Cody yawned as they came to a small cave. It was dark, extremely dark, fortunately, no one there was afraid of the dark, that wouldn't have been very good.
"This is it?" Kyle scoffed rudely.
Cody gave a small iss of irritation, trying to control himself, "I should cut you in half, boy," he growled, "But you'd just heal right back up."
The boy blinked, unknowing what to say after that threat, "Lead the way."
They all entered, Haley still far behind, following by bumping into the walls and finding the right way. Cody was up front with Kyle, who was holding on to Cody's hood. Cody sighed, these children were impossible, how did they support themselves? He nodded to himself, they didn't.
"Where's your sister?" Cody demanded.
Kyle shrugged suddenly aware that he couldn't be seen, "I dunno," he turned around, sucking in a bunch of air, "HALEY!"
The name echoed off the walls, and echo and echo... Haley's head shot up as she heard it, running forward and crashing into yet another rock wall. She sighed, closing her eyes and feeling around to lead herself to where Cody and her brother were.
"Here!" she yelled back, still feeling the rocks and such.
Cody and Kyle stood patiently until Kyle felt a tug on his arm. By this time, the boy had forgotten what they were doing, and the sudden tug made him jump. He yelled up until Haley covered his mouth with her jacket sleeve.
"It's me, you idiot," she hissed fiercely.
Kyle spat out her arm and growled, "Shut up before I kill you too."
Haley sighed as Cody barked harshley, "Let's et a move on, we're almost there!"
Kyle smiled in the darkness, following obidiently with haley holding onto his sleeve. Cody stopped all the sudden and grinned. Kyle and Haley both bumped into Cody and his still body form. Although you couldn't see in the darkness, his eyes were closed shut, arms out horizontally beside him. He had a smug grin on his face as several slicing sounds carreted through the depths of the soudless cavern. Kyle looked around him, opin they weren't being lead into a trap. Haley was already shivering, thinking that this was a trap.
"Get up," Cody said as the echoing slices drifted away, "We're here."
Kyle scrambled to his feet, "Wha-"
Suddenly, the ground shook. Haley, who was still sitting on the dirt-ground, started to shiver violently while holding her knees to her chest and trying not to scream. Kyle fell, flat on his back and hitting his head on the ground. He winced at the pain, then noticed that they were going down, the small area of dirt and rock, or supposedly dirt and rock, was moving into the earth. No, it looked like they were going into a metaalic getaway, a lab?
The shaking stopped, and they were left in a large, luminous space, "Get off the platform," Cody sneered stepping off the dirt. As his foot touched the solid, tile floor, it lit up, a light spot centered on his as he stood there, "It analyzes you, do not worry, though, it doesn't hurt."
Kyle stepped down, feeling his feet freeze to the illuminating tile, "Wh-why do you need an analyzer?" Kyle asked as he saw his sister cautiosly roll off the 'platform' like a maniac and then stand up to get analyzed.
"Well," Cody remarked, sitting in his chair, which pulled itself automatically to a large computer set on the wall, "In case a human somehow finds this place, whoevere steps on those tiles withour an ability gets fried."
"Fried meaning..." Haley asked looking at the scanner cautiously.
"Burnt by several flamethrowers that are implanted in your body..." he paused to see Kyle and Haley's terrified faces, "If, of course, you are human."
Kyle ran over to Cody's side as his analasys was complete, "What are we doing here?"
Haley wandered around, looking at everything in the lab.
"We're here to find someone, " he answered plainly.
Haley looked up, "Who?"
"The only person who has an ability and is in our way," Cody said, smiling devilishly as the map on the computer narrowed down to a small house. It then showed a picture of a girl, he looked serious, misunderstood, yet, the 'Don't Mess With Me' type.
Kyle looked at the picture as his sister came to see, "Who's that?"
Cody grinned slightly, "The daughter of two people I killed a long time ago..." he said, "Alison Gray."

Alison looked at her boss irritatingly, "Wait, so I can't talk to my friend?!"
The man shook his head defiantly, "Nop, sorry, Gray, but that's be a danger to the mission."
"You know what else? It could danger my friend's life."
"You haven't seen that irl in years, Gray! How do you know she'll even remember you?"
"If I remembered her, than I'm sure he'll remember me..."
Alison looked at the man squarely. Se wished she had the ability to pressure people to do stuff.
"Fine, but you're not going to take long, ok?" he said, with a disappointed hint.
"Yeah, whatever." Alison sighed, straightening her black jacket and fixing her sunglasses on the top of her head, "Look, another question, do we know how Miller controls these people yet?"
"No, we only know he has Body Control, nothing on how though, sorry Gray," the man nodded breifly.
Alison rolled her, "OH MY GOD," she growled, "How many times do I have to say this?" she breathed in deeply, "I have a name, I never wanted to be a soldier, but I guess I was the only one you could find that wanted vengance for something that guy did. So I guess you would say kidnap?"
The man looked at her and blinked.
"You know that if I find the right people, I can take over this whole freaking company..." she smiled, "But, instead, I'll give you a chance, call me by my name."
The man nodded, signaling to get her outside, "Escort Lt. Gr- I mean, Alison to her apartment, will you?"
Alison smiled grimly, "No need for that, Mr. Cartwell, I'm a big girl."
And with that, she closed her eyes, suddenly disappearing into thin air.

Writers Comment:
What's up! Hey, I'm back, sorry I poofed, internet connection went wack -.-
Anyways, yay! It only took two days to make this I feel so proud of myself, please enjoy Chapter 3 of the phyco teenage killer :)

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