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Cody Toye has a way with fantasy/paranormal/ sci-fi/horror. He has done it with his series “Intangibles” and he brings those skills to bear here in “Clone Zone”. The digital short story is quick, furious, and rampaging. This is the 24th installment in The Author’s Lab/Collaborations series and it is a barnburner. Surprisingly the cast of characters is small yet many, basically because they all look like the same person. This story is under consideration to become its own independent series within The Author’s Lab. Give it a try it packs plenty of punch for the $.99 price tag.

Here is the synopsis:

“Another installment from Trestle Press’s original digital short story series The Author’s Lab/Collaboration:

Multi-genre author Cody Toye presents the origin story of the new series Clone Zone. He begins to tell his story through a lonely loser, adrift in a sea of despair who is unknowingly the target of execution and elimination by beings that look exactly like him, clones of himself. G.S.I. (Gelati Scoop Investigations) is brought into the matter as the clones are running rampant through this small town where they first crop up.

Can they save this community from destruction and devastation? Will the clones continue to multiply? Will they find out who is at the helm of this outworldly scheme? 

 Multi-genre Author, Cody Toye, lives in SW Missouri with his wife, Heather; eight-year-old son, Gideon; Labradoodle, Rose; and Weiner hound, Artemis.  He enjoys spending time with his family, martial arts, and ice-cream. He is the author of “The Dribbles the Squirrel “digital short story series, “Zorza the Alien” digital short story series, “Intangibles” digital short story series, and the ”Toyebox Collections” children’s book.”             

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