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The idea that a choice made in isolation will only affect the person making it is only valid if that person was alone in the world and had no established connection to anyone. Choices are very particular for the individual, but interconnected for the whole of society. Choices can never be made in isolation of others. This is so well established an idea that economist had to create a way around it before they could come up with their own theories about how things worked. "Ceteris paribus" translated from Latin means all things being equal. That is just it, there is no such equality that exists.

Since pure equality does not exist, there is only the theory of possibilities that may result from our choices. A choice made at one point is assuming that all the circumstances, perimeters, and outcomes will remain the same. This is scarcely ever true. Result will change due to perimeters and circumstances, thereby making it that any choice effecting the out one way, may effecting differently at another time or location. The interweaving of possibilities makes it impossible to determine with 100% accuracy every outcome from every
choice. The choice may not change but the outcome will.

The variation in outcomes is a result of the multiplicity of paths that can be taken. These paths that are taken are being multiplied by the number of choices that can be made and then by the number of individual variations. In other words, the outcome is impossible to accurately predict. Choices are by nature risky. The chance of receiving a perceived outcome is equal with not receiving it. Even if every connected variable were  to remain constant, which is highly unlikely, the outcome still may vary.

Knowing that each outcome is varied leads to the next assumption, that as one choice is made, it invariable leads to more choices. Each of these choices really just opens the field to more choices down the road. As in the movie "Stranger than Fiction", even a person who decides to do nothing is actually making a choice, and that choice will interact with other choices, leaving a new variation in the outcome. Doing nothing, is actually doing something, that something is called taking a passive action. No choice is left alone, but connects with other actions by the self and by other individuals to continue producing more variations.

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