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It's a beautiful day and a little cool here in Arkansas.  I have been trying to get a lot of things done and

put away all that paperwork we all end up with  that we don't use everyday but just can't throw away.


Also, been busy creating a website for my book Chickendoodle! Where Are You?  I wanted everyone to be able

to get a feel of the story and be able to see a few pictures from the book.  At the website, you can read a few excerpts from the book and learn more

about me and my sister.  We worked as a team to create a children's book that would encourage children

to read and hopefully, give them the self-confidence of being able to read the book without any difficulty.


I'd like to share wtih everyone a quote I read several years ago.


"Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body."

                                                        Joseph Addison

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