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Making a successful career depends on the right time and right path chosen by a student that will help to set his/her goals in life. Choosing the right path nowadays is not that tough as vast options lying in front, but it is difficult to pursue that path in the right way. Students are now interested in careers that are different from other professional and general ones like in some ever-growing industries.

These industries offer different career options with some new challenges, unique way of improvement and short time certification courses.  These courses offer better career opportunities, good salary and immediate job offers at the end.

Hospitality Management:

Serving people is a way of serving God. The hospitality industry has a wide range of options for graduates and school pass outs serving people all over the world. In this globalized world, this industry is considered as fast developing into the market of the service provider.

In the training courses in hospitality management, the trainees will go through different elements of the hotel-related industry, travel and tourism-related industry, housekeeping, and catering with customer care executives in the Hospitality Industry. At the end of the course they are conferred with hospitality certificate which help them to get placed with some of the best names in the industry.

A hospitality manager has an important role in monitoring the administrative tasks of hotel, resort or casino chains. The manager needs to make sure that a hotel, resort, or club connect with state rules and regulations. He/she should have an interest in understanding the environment of the industry and able to help the related chain in reducing costs and continues offering a quality experience for tourists.

Courses focused on:

Every course in Hospitality management focuses on managing the principles in the field of Hospitality and involves both the study and hands-on work in different operational areas of it. The areas include Food Production, Food and Beverage Service, Front Office Operation and House Keeping.

Courses under Food and Beverage Service:

It is an important service fallen under Hospitality Management that follows some courses like-

  • Responsible Service of Alcohol Courses:

It is an important course for people looking to work in bars or restaurants serving alcohol. If an aspirant get RSA Melbourne or in any other location, it let them to grasp every skill that will make responsible for serving alcohol, providing an atmosphere within an establishment, which is both safe and enjoyable for every person.

  • Hospitality:

The course runs for 15 weeks with two restaurant service periods and a logbook of 36 shifts in a hospitality workplace. This qualification helps to be awarded four different certificates of RSA, RSF, First Aid and Certificate IV Hospitality.

  • Advanced Bartending Course:

It helps to develop bartending knowledge and skills to exceptional levels.

  • Wine Program:

Help to know more about Wine and Wine related everything to become an expert.

  • Course in Food & Beverage Management:

Help to understand about nutrition, food, drinks and catering needs to become a successful manager.

A responsible Hospital manager will make sure that everything in a club or hotel or restaurant chain goes well so that tourists enjoy their fullest.

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