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Left brain mode & right brain mode integrate a whole brain mode complicatedly.

Initially left brain mode is control all right side physiology whereas right brain mode control left side bodily functions inversely.

All these physiological functions are dictate and directed by the neural program of both Nervous systems respectively.

In the science of Neurology all the physicians as Neurologists divide the whole brain by two sides in divisionally.

Left brain mode or hemisphere and right brain mode or hemispheres by means of physiology are works genetically by the dictation of neurological science complexly.

Artistic name of these two hemispheres are Sign mind & Design mind by many artists creatively.

Left brain mode or Sign mind and Right brain mode or Design mind are used to perform their different functions towards any creativity.

Significantly both brain hemispheres are mutually interdependent to integrate any physic-neural and physiological functions cooperatively.

Left brain mode or sign minds are specialized in all linguistic skills with logical & mathematical procedures in sequentially as A B C & D.

Besides all scientific and intellectual knowledge & skills is sign minds powerful ability.

Also all cognitive perspectives, linear, and critical thinking objectives are sign minds superior quality.

As regards, Design minds mastery, all the imagistic thinking & poetic creativity are performed in a good order but as a wholly.

Afterward, simultaneous as a complex image and is analogical as sees correspondences, and all at once processing are design minds proficiency.

Later, all emotional nuances of thought and remembering complex images, and unbounded aspects of the world as feeling states enormously to write something in creative and extensively.

Left brain hemisphere or sign minds strongly knows, “how” to start for a good finishing and right brain hemisphere or design minds discovers something as “what” as a whole to look at a face knowingly.

All human emotional intelligence, imagination, and depth feelings are vital features of design minds creative materials or resources to create or write something greatly.

Design minds all powerful & meaningful ideas are germinated from its “Imagination World’s” imagistic thinking and thoughtful feelings spiritually.

All the creations of design minds those are related any logical & mathematical resources of creativity are asking for helping to sign minds to transforming electro-chemically.

As specialty sign minds can readily remember any name knew previously whereas design minds are very prompt at recognizing any face did see long time ago closely.

By the nature of functional ability sign minds play roles as strong & manly and design minds perform all womanly functions comparatively.

Love, affection, and all negative & positive emotional feelings are sourcing from design minds warehouse of imagery.

One dimensional or mono tracking and multidimensional or multi tracking objectives or issues are done by sign minds & design minds separately.

As functional measure & wide variety sign minds are designated by the neurologists as major brain hemisphere in formally.

But the design minds are known as minor brain hemisphere also familiar as a second class citizen proportionally.

All artists as writers, poets, metaphysical poems or journal writers are the great gifts of the design minds or the second class citizen and namely minor brain hemisphere but uniquely.

Scientists, mathematicians, verbal/grammar, and language are big contribution of sign minds or major brain hemisphere or left brain hemisphere as complementally.

Whatever it is major or minor and left & right but they are their complementary and integrator mutually.

As their coexisting & good neighborhood living can be refer as two partners of their loving exchange ably.

To exchange all necessary information between two minds for their essentiality corpus callous bridging them for their give & take policy.............Incomplete

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