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I am new here and was cruising the forum when I ran into a post asking about others book covers,  I was going to reply with a similar post as I am making here until I noticed that the original poster made the forum request four years ago.....Oh well...but here's my story anyway....I am showing the cover of my first novel.."The Leaning Tower of Eiffel"..This is my daughter when she was about 13 years old overlaid on a vintage photo of a neglected, but historical water tower in my town.  The water tower is only symbolic as the book title actually refers to an old, neglected mansion.  My second book, "Nova Joplin" also features my daughter, at the age of 23....My third book, "Riding in the Trunk of Romeo's Taxi" currently in pre-publishing status, is going to feature my daughter yet again, at the age of 27, overlaying a photo of a vintage taxi....My fourth novel, soon to be completed, will also, most likely, feature my daughter....What can I say...she is beautiful, a professional actress, and works cheap!  I am fortunate to have her and it's becoming a bit of a family tradition.

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