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It's the end of summer here in Auckland. The historical fiction project is finished ( and I'm at a loose end. I've never enjoyed marketing, so I'm putting it off.

I know, I know, procrastination is not a good look in an author, but who else actually LOATHES the marketing aspect of self-publishing? The freedom of being able to publish via Kindle and Smashwords etc is wonderful, but the pay-off is the ongoing slog to rally interest in your book. Now I sincerely believe that Diary of a Heretic deserves to be read but then, every one of the millions of other self-published authors touting their books on Amazon feels the same way. I was not put on this Earth to dream up and implement marketing campaigns. My raison d'etre is to write, and write well and that, in itself, is an ever-evolving process, n'est pas?

So what's a writer to do? Anyone out there got any ideas?

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