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-Are you looking for something different than what is out there in the blog tour world?

- Do you want to have your blog tour reflect your style, taste and give it added dimension, depth and impact?

-Are you looking for your work to be seen on more than just Amazon, a blog and Twitter?

When it comes to social networks, you have stopped at the place that has one of the most robust!

* I am ranked in the Top 10 (on most  I am number 1-5) of more than a dozen social networks geared specifically to books with an impression count of over 50,000 each and every day.

*That does not include Amazon (I am in the top 1%), Amazon UK (Top 5%) and Amazon DE (Top 3%)

*Facebook, Google+, and  Goodreads combined - over 18,000 friends

*I have personally created cover art and lead campaigns that have helped get novels, novella’s, digital short stories and non-fiction titles ranked in Amazon Kindle’s Top 100 and Amazon Kindle UK Top 100.

*Are you looking for out of the box thinking that will help give your work the VISIBILTY you feel it deserves?

*Would you like a You Tube video for your work?

*How about an Audio File for your readers?

*Be a guest on my blogtalk radio show The G-ZONE, a visit that translates into being an audio commercial for yourself that is archived and available 24/7 for your readers and future readers! 

*Do you hope that your hard work will be promoted by someone the way that you would?

*Cookie Cutter thinking? No way, not here,  this is YOUR blog tour,  YOUR WAY!

I want to make this an incredible and fun experience for you; just email me and we can go over what your individual needs and desires are. I can then tailor make your experience.

I look forward to hearing from you,

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