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When the publisher explained to me that the cover of the book could be a work of mine and what I wanted I didn't have to think twice at what the cover had to be. Saying this, there was no guarantee that they would approve what I wanted. It was an option and if the artist could draw what the author was explaining in just a couple of sentences then the publisher could be sold on the author's idea. 

When they sent me my cover for approval I was shocked. There was no doubt the artist did a fabulous job. The artist exceeded what I expected. I explained to the publisher that "my relationship and every addiction are like the tidal waves of the Atlantic. At times they will constantly pull us under and then allow us up for JUST enough air. It wasn't until I put God back on the front burner from the back burner that I awoke and realized this all has got to stop." It was those words that the artist came up with the cover that I have for "Words from my Mouth..."

I am very proud of my cover and overly joyed with the work the artist for the publisher did. I have had nothing but positive feedback and words from people that say they are blown away (so to speak) after they have seen the cover of my book. It all has been spoken by these people with the utmost amazement and surprise at the work of the artist. It then pushes them to ask, "...did you come up with THAT idea or did the artist..." Of course, I then have to explain to them (proudly) that I did come up with the idea for the cover. It was a few sentences that I always felt after writing the book and after experiencing everything. It was a great team work between myself (my words) and the artistic ability of another person (the artist) that makes this cover stand out.

E. Splater

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