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hey all,

been awhile but what can i say i have been busting my butt finishing New Beginnings and i finally finished getting the whole storyline completed. It is all down on my computer now my co-author and I are in the middle of editing,revising, adding and taking away(my favorite thing). I can say that i surpassed my goal for my book to be 400 pages it was at last count 463 and we are just in the early stages of editing so who knows it might be 500 by the time i'm done I also have a very rough outline started for the last book Sins of the Father to end that series and it will be at least 600 pages. Both book covers are done as well. I am so excited this story just blew up I cannot wait for everyone to read it. Just thought I would stop in and give an back to my story.... oh yeah almost forgot there is a new blog post too up at stop on in say hi or let me know what you though of On the Bedroom Wall.I love getting comments...

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