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 Bangladesh, my dear mother lands how are you with your multi-cultures sons & daughters?


I am one of your lovable & obedient son leave you eight years ago with a regretful minds to reside with your sisters.


I always remind you, enormously feel you, feel your heavenly love, and your sacrifice and hard efforts for my better futures.


Your enormous love and cares makes me eligible & honors here with others.


But regretfully, your sister is not as kind hearted as you were or are but very rich & wealthy with empathetic mind & hearts.


Your loves were green & heavenly loves although you are not rich in earthly matters rather you are richest in your loves, sacrificed, and depth feelings for your lovers (sons & daughters).


Now we realized what loves of mother is, how it differ from others or your sisters?


 Why you are our so good mother as all your life are full of miseries, dishonors, and deceives by many betrayers?


These betrayers brutally killed & raped your more than three million brave heart & obedient sons and daughters to swallow you forever’s.


But all the betrayers couldn’t successful to demolish you due to honest patriotism of your dead & alive brave hearts sons and daughters as your keepers.


After your freedom you kindly pardoned all your betrayers sons & daughters as an ideal mother but after a little interval they killed your best son, Shekh Mujibur Rahman with all his innocent family members.


He was our great brother, our nation of father, and our great historical global leaders which make you prideful & familiar all around the world to others.

He was coming very care & honorable global leader to other global leaders for which they were very stressful


And afraid for your great son’s strong leaderships & motivation powers


Afterward, all your betrayer sons & daughters made many conspiracies very secretly with these zealous global leaders to kill your historical great hero sons cowardly and brutally actions theirs.


After your great son’s killing, they killed abundant of your brave sons & daughters as freedom fighters & talented army officers with a brutal co operations one of your duel characters betrayer son masking by freedom fighters.


From 2001 to 2006 all your betrayer sons & daughters captured your power and killed about 22 thousands or more your obedient keepers & followers.


Through various yahoo and inhuman, communal, and devils activities they applied to abolish your all powers.


During their reign and power they did adopt all types of inhumanity and brutal tortures to your sons & daughters that can not be writing as writers.


My dear mother land, this is my very big request to you this time God has handover the power to you to punish & demolish them by breaking their backbone to be disabled in all your futures.


Don’t cares & abide by the reports and threats given by many so called human rights, international amnesty, masking professor’s transparency international because these are mainly international brokers.


All the assignments you are taken don’t leaves these without any integration otherwise very near future they will be wild animal like to kill or abolish all your obedient and innocent sons & daughters or keepers to send hereafters.


Finally, for the sake of greater benefits eradicate all small benefits to be happier all your future progenies with their peaceful & non-discrimination futures.

May God bless you, helps you, and look after you in all perspectives of your diversified national matters.












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