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What happens when a promise made during or immediately after death? The novel, UNIQUE, tells the story of a life of insurmountable hardship for young Unique including physical and mental challenges doesn’t stop her from fulfilling a promise to her sister, who had died in her arms and in that promise, 

 of celebrity in the fashion industry. 

she struggles to gain what she thought was what she wanted in a successful life. However, as life would have it, Unique acquired something much more meaningful. 

The story begins with a bit of drama as Victoria, an ungrateful American supermodel who wakes up frantic because her sister, whom she has denied most of her life, was now coming up on the scene

Although the story begins with an ungrateful supermodel—It doesn’t take long for the storyline to direct its attention to a young girl who’s struggling with mental and physical disabilities and very low self-esteem. Unique’s mother is a drug addict who supports her habit through prostitution. Although her mother tries to fight the demons within, she loves her children. Not wanting her other four seemingly vicious children to battle with Unique; instead of sending her upstairs, she sends her out back to protect her from her nasty clients during the late nights and early morning hours until she’d finished her business. Instead of staying in the rear, Unique wanders through the neighborhood. One early morning, Unique stroll to the back of recently moved-in neighbors home. After lying on the swing, the neighbor discovers the child and later develops a loving relationship as a caregiver–exposing Unique to what a united family looks like and how they are functioning together. Now, this is what she wants—all she wants. 

One night Unique was slow to leave, and her mother’s nasty client wanted to have sex with the child instead. A fight ensued, and Unique was injured. As social workers quickly approach, her mother, Dorothy, imagined that her situation couldn’t continue that way. Unique was different and had special needs–but Dorothy’s demons wouldn’t let her be at the moment. Dorothy asked the loving neighbor, Cindy, to take care of her child. After fighting back and forth with Unique’s biological father, Al—finally, Unique was adopted. Being adopted, she gained a sister and best friend, who died from a tragedy. Unique promised to fulfill their dream of having a fashion show with Unique styles and exclusive clothing line, and her sister would be her top model. However, it wasn’t to be. Unique’s desire to fulfill that promise caused the entire family (both biological and nonbiological) to change drastically. And although they had serious issues, with Unique’s fierce desire and forgivable spirit, she gained something she’d thought would never happen—a united family. 

Instead of being drowned under the burdens of her disabilities, dysfunctional family, surroundings of drugs, and violence; Unique rises above the chaos. Throughout the process, she also rose the lives and expectations of those who were around her—including Victoria. 

The novel asks viewers to take a look at a “Unique World.” A world filled with real-life struggles for those facing challenges with some form of disability and efforts handled by their caretakers. It’s written in a way that holds the accuracy to the authentic truths in life. Others’ low expectations of Unique is inspiring as well as relevant. So many of us are told what we can and can’t achieve. So many people struggle with disabilities, or they are the caretakers of loved ones who have these challenges. The “Unique” novel addresses: drug addiction, financial hardships, betrayal, bullying, family shame, murder & crime, loss of a child, family, faith, the ups & downs of love & lust, the struggles that come with success and so much more and yet, it’s inspirational and gives hope.  

The character, Unique defies those assumptions; with the help of those who believe in her: she finds a way—ultimately, gaining what she’s always wanted, success, and a united family. Unique is a modern American uplifting film that will draw you into Unique’s world. 

Some readers of the novel “Unique” have said that it sent them on an emotional rollercoaster. Oh, how they laughed, they cried, and it read like a movie. They visualized scenes filled with the authentic truths of life, such as murder, suspense, drama, betrayal, romance, spirituality, family values, love, and lust.
I am a wife, and I have mothered children who have challenges with disabilities. The subject of Unique is dear to my heart because I’ve lived the life of a struggling mother who does everything to help her children overcome life’s challenges.

Today, I work as a full-time writer on most days; however, I am also a producer and director of film and theater. I have self-published two novels using my own small publishing company, Floyd Books Publishing. My other upcoming releases, “Unique Message and Unique Change,” are coming soon! I am also seeking help to turn these works and my other unpublished works into featured films or sequels on Netflix.

Read more about me on my website: or IMDB or Social Media: and https://www.faceboo...;

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