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Hi!  I'm Gwen.  New to this community but I've been writing for years.  Please read my short story called "Taxidermied" about a couple's encounter with a taxidermy project gone wrong. It's only 99 cents.  I love horror!  If you have any horror stories let me know! I love new authors.


Thanks for reading!



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Comment by Gareth R L Jones on June 24, 2014 at 8:41pm

hey, look forward to reading your short story. I'm a fairly new but published author with two books out (The Jeebies and Creeping Horror, both a collection of short stories) and working on my first novel called, so far, Dead Dreams but I might change it. I have my own blog and website going called 'horrorhold' and at I love new authors too as I have been there and done that and still looking for my big break though now published nationwide twice. If you like to read or have any comments, please write back!


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