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I know it seems as if I’m changing my blog schedule weekly. What I list as topics for the next week’s blog doesn’t always appear. I’ve delayed some things or postponed topics because of mitigating circumstances. My topics get pushed aside for author interviews because I want to do my part to promote others.


Part of the problem has been I’ve been expecting my new book, Alpha, to be published any day. I’ve been working with the publisher editing and re-editing and looking at cover options and all the while thinking that the time for Killer Nashville is drawing nearer. My publisher had set a goal that the book would be published in time for me to have books to sell/autograph at the KN conference.


Because of this anticipation, I’ve been delaying some of the promotion of Alpha although I have been setting up appearance dates and doing interviews with radio stations and blogtalkradio hosts. I’ve been waiting for a cover in order to send to other promotion venues.


Now that I have a cover and word that the book can now be ordered, I’ve pushed back the beginning of the new series of blog posts Adult Truths to next week.


I’ve been excited to have this book published. I discussed last week the process of writing Alpha throughout the years and this book is special in it own way. I was excited about my first book, Night Shadows, because, well, it was my FIRST book. It was published in February of last year and although it was delayed a couple times, I felt that thrill authors get when they see their accomplishments presented for public viewing.


When Beta was published, I was excited because of the fact it was a different book, different genre and new characters. I’d been working on Mallory Petersen stories for many years, longer than Night Shadows, and I looked forward to sharing Petersen with taekwondo friends.


Now that Alpha is being published, I’m excited in a different way because this book is coming out in soft back. It’s going to be a physical book I can hold in my hands rather than looking at a computer screen, turn the pages rather than swiping a touchscreen, and yes, smell. If you’re an avid reader, I don’t need to explain the smell of books. If you’re not, then I can’t adequately describe it.


I get to autograph books. People will come up to me and ask me to sign a copy. (At least I hope they will). I can see people holding my books at the airport, in restaurants, in the park. (At least I hope I will.) I get to show people my book, hold it up and say, “Here it is!”


So, here it is. Visit your local book store and ask them to order Alpha. Oak Tree Press is associated with the major book distribution companies so your bookstore managers will be able to easily order the book. If they don’t, well, as I mentioned in a recent Facebook post, you should gather your friends and protest outside of the store until they do. Or you can visit and click on their bookstore link and make the order through the publisher directly.


I offer a sincere and heartfelt thank you ahead of time for purchasing a copy for yourself, or a relative, or as an early Christmas present, a birthday present for a friend….yeah, you get the idea. Thank you.


And if you meet me one day, don’t be afraid to approach me and ask for an autograph. And if you’re an attractive single woman, I may even buy you dinner.


Okay, that’s a different topic for another blog post…sometime in the future.

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