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#18I have a hard time deciphering the fine line between boredom and hunger.”

And when I'm bored, I usually eat. Usually I get bored at home on my nights off. You know, it's three in the morning and there is nothing on television and I'm bored with watching downloaded television shows or movies. I long for either a salty snack or something sweet. Sometimes both. One following the other.

“But, Mr. Brayton,” you say, “how does this relate to writing?”

In one sense, it doesn't. In another sense, I look at it as time away from everything. Work, family, bills, and writing.

I wanted to discuss how I relax.

Sometimes I can relax by doing nothing except watching the shows and movies on my computer.

However, I have found boredom creeps in and stays for awhile if I don't have something planned. Then boredom confuses me because I know I want to do something, but not sure what I want to do. And, everything I think of doing takes preparation time or driving time and I end up not doing anything because I don't want to spend the time preparing or driving.

Yes, I know. I really need a girlfriend. Why do you think I'm so bored? Now, I don't want to whine and groan about the lack of romance in my life, but I do want to discuss this in relation to boredom and how I relax. When I had a girlfriend, my time could be filled with the relationship, even if we only sat around reading books or watching television. Without a girlfriend to share time with, well, it's boring.

Anyway, onto relaxing, which is what I really wanted to discuss. How do I reinvigorate the creative juices, get energized for the time I need to be working or writing or even paying bills?

Racquetball: I haven't played in years but I love the sport.

Fishing: Several lakes and ponds and rivers around the area, although because of the new job and the busy schedule, I don't get a chance to go out as often.

Bicycling: Planning on more outings this summer.

Walking: Usually I do this with a friend but sometimes I'll grab a book and read while I walk. This confuses people because they don't understand how I can do both.

Exploring: I don't do as much anymore because of gas prices but I love to take off in a random direction and see what rarely driven roads I can find.

Sitting: A lot of times I'll just head down the river and sit, read, and enjoy nature.

Fires: No, I'm not an arsonist but I used to love to go to the campground or the river, gather up what branches I could find in the woods, and as night fell, I'd listen to an audio book and create a fire. The wood gathering made for a pretty good workout, especially with some of the larger chunks of wood and the distance I carried them.

Writing: yes, sometimes, I'll write to relax. Maybe out at the park or someplace else quiet.

I'll admit, sometimes when I'm 'relaxing' I get lonely because I have nobody beside me enjoying whatever activity I'm engaged in. I think about my life and all of the mistakes I've made and I wonder about the future. I don't wish to get too philosophical or delve too deep, but, you know, sometimes it all gets to me.

The feeling doesn't last too long, because soon hunger demands my attention and then I'm realizing I didn't bring any food with me and I'm stuck miles away from the nearest restaurant.

Yep, boredom and hunger share a very fine line.

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