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Every time I kick I fall down, push I fall down

Excuse me but skating was something I never learned

But as the world turns I embrace it

With bruises across the face

And inerasable cuts, scrapes and burns

In turn, I give the world my all

Kick flip my flaws  

By far

The harder they are

The bigger the fall

The stiffer they guard

The quicker they are

To fall short and get back up and do trick with the stars

But everybody on his dick like dude stick with your cards

These broads ain’t really felling a brotha that ride boards


These whores ain’t in to the whole tricking and grinding

They want a brotha griping and shining

But I’m into sick kick flipping and rhyming

Never mind me signing

Cause I bail on the rails

So they put me in a pail

Labeled failed to excel

But it’ll be a cold day in hell

Before I ever listen to the wails

From the whales

Who can’t get pass the “L”

In themseLves

Who try and pull me down the same well where they fell

Where the dreams don’t sail

And everything is slowed to the level of a snail

And the glittering ain’t gold they’re just clever with the spells

But I know it’s never better over there


So I hop back on my board and I’m headed to the sky

Cause a brotha that’s floored can’t fly//


My man got a little older

Still the same dude that everybody looked over

Learned to shake it off with a simple shrug of his shoulders

Ask him why he did said he had to get the dirt up out his Folgers

Now he’s like the best part of waking up

To him the best part of waking up

Is getting that message that read skate with us

Momma at home like you never wanna stay with us

First thing on your mind in the morning is just escape from us

You’re always on the Go-like-gurt

Same Jeans, same snow white shirt

Doing the things that you know might hurt

But what you know might work

Maybe talking about our problems can make things better than worse

Is it the dad that you never had?

Why does this world make you so mad?

What do you have in the bag?

I mean you walk around mad

Like it hurts you to laugh

And me? Im doing pretty good would it hurt you to ask?

At last he said some things are better ignored

I love you mom, stay up sis then he’s out the door

Cause it’s a war out there lions, tigers, and boars

And it’s a jungle in here filled with snipers galore

What are the land mines for, always stepping on lines

I’m just trying to get some left-alone time

Cause hearing y’all talk got me bored out my mind

So this is goodbye, I’m unmooring my lines//


Now every time I kick I hit a trick

Land and follow through

And I ain’t fell down since verse two

My and my crew are the worst few

Challenge me and I’ll show you

Step dad cause I’m steady missing curfew

I’m just trying to grind like the pros do

So I don’t spare lines

And I don’t spare time

The world is an air trick and I’m just trying to land mines


The world is an air trick and I’m just trying to land mines

So I don’t spare time

And I don’t spare lines

I’m just trying to grind like the pros do

Step dad cause I’m steady missing curfew


Grades ain’t s*** but I’m good at these tricks

Step dad got mad and hit me with his fist

Lil sis crying, momma picking sides

And I’m the one that’s losing there’s no use trying

Throw me in the fire

Or beat me till I’m sore

But please don’t hurt my board

Throw me on the floor

Beat me to the ground

Through the floor

Keep the pen/give me my sword

I’ll be fine

If you just give me a fighting chance

I’m two steps away from the final dance

I’m one step away from the final dance

Let’s fly

-J. D. Jones

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