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A short interview with Jack Myers - A character that appears in Dar...

SR Clowes - Hi Jack, thank you for agreeing to this interview, I                       know how protective you are over your privacy.

Jack Myers - Not a I’ll always make time for certain                           people.

SRC - That’s good. Now tell me Jack what’s it like living in Toucan Bay?

JM  - It’s nice. Well very nice actually, you have everything you need, a store, library, bar, Post office, pretty much all I need really.

SRC - Correct me if I wrong…

JM - Oh I will.

SRC - Thanks. You have a house in the bay itself, is that right?

JM - That is correct. However it’s not a house as such, its a large cabin on the shale. It’s one of five that are in the bay. Nice and private.

SRC - Doesn’t it get lonely being detached from the rest of the town?

JM - Not really. I mean the closest neighbour is only five minutes walk up the beach, but far enough so they don't call round every day.

SRC - I see. So tell me about your career. You were a soldier in the eighties and nineties weren't you?

JM - Not only a soldier but a military doctor too, I worked on ‘special’ projects.

SRC - Ah, interesting, tell me more about these ‘special’ projects.

JM - Nope.

SRC - Why?

JM - Can’t

SRC - Why?

JM - Classified.

SRC - Oh right, if you told me you would have to kill me right?

JM - Something like that.

SRC - Fair enough. Can you tell me about your friend Detective Charles Markland?

JM - I wouldn’t go that far.

SRC - How do you mean?

JM - Friend, he’s more of a, shall we say, acquaintance.

SRC - Ok, tell me about your acquaintance with Detective Markland.

JM - Nope.

SRC - Why?

JM - Can’t

SRC - Why?

JM - Classified. Only joking. He’s a cop what else is there to say really.

SRC - Have you spoken to him recently?

JM - Yeah, he swung by the other day with Abe.

SRC - Who?

JM  - Abe, Abel Masters.

SRC - Another acquaintance?

JM - No he’s a friend, we go way back.

SRC -To your time in the military?

JM - Can’t say.

SRC - Why? Oh let me guess classified right?

JM - Nope. Can’t remember.

SRC - So the cop, was it a social visit or something a bit more juicy.

JM - Juicy. He was looking for some info on the recent murders that have been happening over in the city.

SRC - Why would he come to you, are you a suspect?

JM - Doubt it I rarely leave Toucan Bay.

SRC - So…?

JM - So what? Oh yes, sorry erm… He just thought I might have an insight into the type of person who was committing the murders.

SRC - And did you?

JM - Yes. But I can’t tell you. You would have to speak with him about that. Now if you don’t mind I'm late for an urgent appointment.

SRC - Something classified?

JM - Not at all, my library books are due to be returned and I don’t want a fine.

SRC - No problem. Well thanks again for your time Jack take care.

JM - Thank you, you too.


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